Yesterday in my college class, the teacher talked about how men and women are different in communication. He blamed it entirely on socialization. If men & women had not been taught to play different as kids, etc. they would be the same…however, due to society (he claimed) there are differences. The young students in the class did not like this. They told him that he was sexist for saying there are differences and that their generation is first generation in history that is not screwed up because they were taught that men & women are not different. They believe that their generation is superior to any in the past because they know that men & women are the same. The past generations were “screwed up”. Whew!

I also had problems with what the teacher said, but from a completely different reason. It isn’t society that makes differences, there are inherent differences between men & women. For example, men’s brain have a large inferior parietal lobule (IPL) which is the part of the brain that processes math. Women’s IPL is smaller. Another example, women have a larger limbic system (which relates to emotions). By the way, Einstein’s brain had an unusually large IPL. So men & women are born with physical differences. (Yes, I know most of us think this is common sense, but these young college kids have been taught something else in school.) Anyone who has had children knows that each one comes with its own personality. Long before there is a chance for society to mold that child, he or she already has its own personality and its own physical characteristics.

FREE SEX CHANGES AT TAXPAYER’S EXPENSE. Yes, it used to be common sense that men & women are different. But now you are whatever gender you feel like. I kept quiet in class because it is obvious to me that the bizarre thinking of these younger college students is the result of years of brainwashing. Today’s new generation will rejoice over NYC’s new law making it illegal to discriminate against transgenders. Our founding fathers gave us certain rights, which our govt. has in a large degree stolen from us—and in return they give transgender rights. Wow! If you feel like the opposite sex—in NYC your school can’t stop you from being treated like the sex you feel you are. O.K. let’s take a tom boy—now she can be a boy, go to the boy’s restroom and play on their sports teams…and if anyone tries to impede this they can be arrested. I read it for myself in NYC’s new law “Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression.” Your gender identity is totally subjective and is a separate issue from what NYC calls your “legal gender”. To further the transgender cause, NYC now uses tax dollars to provide free sex changes for those who want it…(up to $10,000/change)…that is if you don’t have Obamacare which also covers sex changes. When I was in prison, the Federal prisons were loath to do much for a person…so it was rather shocking how much they were providing for transgenders. They would provide bras, hormone treatments, even makeup etc. free of charge for transgenders…they in some ways were ahead of NYC.

COMEDIAN. Dolores was getting a big kick out of a comedian who used the actual differences between men and women to do a comedy routine. All the differences have been documented in repeated studies. She liked the You tube comedy routine enough to post it on her timeline just prior to me experiencing this in the classroom. I was thinking how the comedian’s punch lines would fall flat with the younger generation, who have been taught it is sexist & prejudiced to think there are differences…again this reminds me of other things I am seeing taught in schools: such as, “reality is what you say it is, & everyone has their own reality”.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I am not even going to quote Scriptures…it should be common sense what they say on this subject. The scriptures foretold that the end days would be like this. Further, I appreciate the differences our loving creative God made between the two genders. How clever. When people ask me what I think of gay marriage, I say, there is no such thing. Marriage is something between a man & a woman. That is what marriage means. You can take a dog and a giraffe, & then say they are married—but they aren’t. You can call anything whatever you want—but it doesn’t change what it is. A boy with a male genital is a boy, even if he thinks he is a girl. What used to be labeled crazy is now the norm.



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