As many of you realize, manufactured conflicts are created that embroil the world in tension; earlier it was the cold war, & now replaced w/ the war on terror. Deeply involved on all sides of these conflicts are the intelligence agencies, & this post is providing some basic info on the world’s premier spook agency MI-6, which relays orders from the Illum. HQ to the world. Many people in the Mid East think MI-6 is the string puller in their region, & they are right. For instance, Ha-Mossad HQ in Tel Aviv receives instructions from them daily.

MI-6 (called the “gentleman’s club”) & MI-5 have typically drawn their leadership from British aristocracy of the Illuminati variety. Women in MI-5 have been called “Queens” because they are from aristocracy. Lots at the top have also been connected to Eton & Oxbridge (Oxford & Cambridge Univ.). It is not unusual for a father of the elite to recruit his son into MI6, so we have generations of spooks in families. I have only glimpses of all their Illum. m.c. centers: military bases like Maresfield’s, castles, Porton Down, mental hosp. etc.

ORGANIZATION NAMES. MI-6 aka Secret Intell. Service (SIS) began in 1909 to deal w/ overseas intelligence, although they have plenty of facilities right in the U.K. British domestic intelligence is MI-5. Both have been more secretive than our CIA. Note that all the intelligence agencies of the U.K., U.S., Can., Austrailia, and NZ are actually (by treaty law) merely competitive branches of one organization. The CIA & MI6 run many joint operations (for instance, the wars in Iraq & Afghan.), & work in each other’s countries. Australian overseas intell. is also called SIS—but SIS in NZ & Can. are domestic spy agencies. Since WW 2, U.S. intell. has tended to supply the funds for joint ops, & the British the experience, & to some degree leadership. The scandals of the Ring of 5 (moles, high level traitors) in Brit. Intell., who passed all info of importance during the cold war to the U.S.S.R. demoralized Amer. agents who thought the cold war was for real. And it WAS REAL for the grunts—the agents in the back alleys & the soldiers on the ground. Sad to say, many agents of both sides were betrayed, tortured, & killed in this huge spy vs. spy game that the leaders played that went on during the cold war. With all the double agents & lies, trying to figure out who worked for who created what was called a “wilderness of mirrors”.

METHODS. Ian Fleming (of MI6) did a good job of creating a glamorous image for MI6 w/ his character James Bond. Undoubtedly some agents have been James Bond type characters into lots of drama & women. Yet most fall into what appears to be 3 types: the bookish ones seeking info, the Rambo paramilitary (often retired military) types that like training terrorists & blowing things up, and last the local dupes around the world doing basically meaningless gruntwork. Programmed multiples are great for double lives (or triple or more) that agents lead. Programmed multiples work as honey traps using sex to gain info. Male multiple personalities (Romeos) seduce female secretaries of important targets. The programmers/ handlers are really pimps. One such MI5 pimp, Dr. Stephen Ward decided to grass (Br. Intell. jargon for snitching) to the public to blackmail MI5. He was soon convicted of pimping & found dead. His most famous honey trap was Christine Keeler. When it comes to intelligence work there are no ethics, no laws & no moral laws involved, only pragmatism. Pragmatically, Mossad is often assigned the dirty jobs; they have a reputation for success. Examples of MI6 ops showing there are no limits to what they can & will do: killing the Congo’s first P.M. Patrice Lumumba, working in 2003 w/ Gaddafi, & trying to overthrow Nasser in ’56. This is the tip of the iceberg.

KINDS OF INTELL. Raw info is converted to usable intell by the processing phase where info is sorted, collated & analyzed. It comes in by SIGINT (signals), COMINT (communications), HUMINT (human sources), TECHINT, & other sources. Once gathered it may be sent out in a MI6 annual report called RB (research & ops) or an R6 (a country by country intell summary report). PSIS is the high level group that prepares briefs for certain ones in Br. govt., but plenty of MI6 activity goes on w/out oversight. An operative (player) working on a need-to-know basis gathers info for his handler. Everything is compartmentalized, & it is SOP to give their own people the mushroom treatment. There are so many deceptions & lies in intelligence, it is amazing they ever get to the truth. “Notional” means fabricated/imaginary like a notional agent. A legend is a fake biography. Lies by spies & basically the first liar doesn’t stand a chance. Lies breed like rabbits, one after the other. The overall effect of spreading millions of lies through the U.K. & U.S. is that they have torn apart the fabric of society…and helped created a spirit of distrust. Trust is the basis of human communication, and society’s trust level has gone down the toilet.

My intention was to provide an overview of the role played by intelligence in our lives, by specifically focusing on British MI6. While many feel comfortable that the intelligence agencies can run amok & do whatever they want because that makes the rest of us sleep safe & comfortable…it isn’t working like that at all. These agencies are causing the dialectic…and when they could have helped like during the desperate fighting by the Hungarians in the Hungarian Revolution in ’56, or protecting us from 9-11, they did nothing….well, I shouldn’t say nothing, they made millions on the stock market.


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