SHAME ON ME (if I let you fool me twice!). Our govt. is not only failing to protect us from Red China, our Amer. leaders have been betraying Amer. by giving our most vital military secrets to them, thereby replicating how our leaders set us up for Pearl Harbor. This post is about Red China’s military preparations to destroy & occupy us, and how our govt. & intel. agencies (in spite of their high paying jobs to protect us) betray us by cooperating. (It is based on various sources, incl. speaking to a Mexican about the Chinese presence in Mex.) I hope for the best, even if this post reports jolting info.

SECOND VERSE EVEN WORSE. While events repeat the pattern of the elite’s WW 2 script, the consequences of the next big war will (if it happens) be more catastrophic for America than WW 2. Stalin’s USSR secretly helped Germany develop military technology while the world thought they were enemies. Later, the USSR & Nazi Germany fought a war in part by proxy which was the Spanish Civil War (’36-’39) & a dress rehearsal for WW 2 proper. When WW 2 came, 80% was fought on the eastern front between those two titans: Stalin’s USSR & Hitler’s Ger. The U.S. military showed the Japanese on a tour how Pearl Harbor could be attacked. Our military was intentionally given orders from the top so that it would fail when attacked by the Japanese at Pearl & the Philippines. Fast forward to now…our leaders are preparing/allowing China to be able to attack us. Just as Imperial Japan had the goal of an empire they called “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”, likewise China has the goal of an empire they name “Greater Neighboring Region”. Just as Nazi Ger. & Japan built their militaries up as fast as possible, Red China is building theirs up at a rate that exceeds Nazi Germany!! And they are creating things specifically designed with the sole purpose to destroy our Amer. military completely target by target.

AREN’T THE CHINESE OUR FRIENDS? A few Americans are warning us they aren’t, for instance, Kaplan wrote in the Atlantic Monthly (6/’05) an article “How We Would Fight China”. In 1997, a Chinese official openly said China was prepared to hit L.A. On 7/16/’05, one of China’s generals (Zhu Chenghu) went on record saying, “The Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.” (He is not bluffing. With friends like that, who needs enemies.) They have given us many warnings, but our leaders pretend that it is business as usual. Their philosophy is that 2 tigers can’t share the same hill, & they plan to be king tiger of the hill. As said, Amer. leaders betray Amer. We’ve seen the track record of our leaders: Clinton is famous for lying. In ‘99, on both the House & Senate floors, both a Senator & a Rep. talked about how Clinton helped the Chinese steal our most advanced nuclear warhead tech., the miniaturized W-88 allowing 8 powerful nuclear MIRV warheads to be placed on a sub missile, and also to allow our satellite, neutron bomb, missile, anti-satellite, and mil. computer tech. to be taken. U.S. troops depend on 90 military satellites on a continuous basis, so the fact China got Amer.’s anti-satellite tech. is not good for our military. We saw how our intell. agencies would prefer to give us propaganda. After the truth came out about Saddam Hussein not having WMD, CIA Dir. Tennet said, “We got it wrong.” NO, YOU LIED! In fact, many intelligence agents believe their job is to lie & deceive…o.k. so they are paid to lie. (No matter all the false trapping of evidence & repetition of the lies, I refuse to believe these expensive lies. And a lot of other Americans are getting tired of them too.) The fact is that China has U.S. cities targeted right now.

CHINESE ACHIEVEMENTS. In 1990, the two most important Amer. naval sites on the Pacific were Long Beach’s deep naval port which could take things like aircraft carriers, & the Panama Canal, which allows the U.S. fleets to travel between the Atlantic & Pacific oceans. Both were quietly turned over by our govt. to the Chinese…(what got me was there was no fight to keep them)…supposedly to civilian companies that are actually fronts for the Chinese military. We left Subic Bay in the Philippines, which was a close & major naval presence near the Chinese mainland. (Supposedly, we weren’t welcome in the Philippines, but we all know if something is important enough, our govt. can make it worthwhile to others.) On China’s part, they’ve stolen all our hi-tech military secrets, & have used this knowledge to create lazer/beam weapons, space weapons, ICBMs with MIRV, nuclear subs, an aircraft carrier plus other weapons that can challenge America’s weapon’s dominance. Additionally, and we will get to this next, they have pre-positioned large quantities of war material in Mexico, just as the U.S. military has done at places like Diego Garcia Is. in the Indian Ocean (which was used for our Iraq buildup).

MEXICO. Mexico’s economy has been seriously hurt by China, but China has made up for that by making massive bribes to the Mexican president on down, incl. the Federales, the local cops, & the drug cartels to silently allow over a dozen large military storage bases hidden throughout Mexico in desert areas. Each base has stockpiles to equip about 55,000 men. The stockpiles incl. tanks, armored vehicles, repair tools, artillery, weapons, generators, communications equipment and other items needed to outfit an army. If you hear Mexicans, they are bitter towards America (they are still grumbling about losing SW USA: TX, CO, CA, etc.), and also justify allowing the Chinese bases, because they rationalize that the Chinese will never be able to use them to hurt America. Amer. spooks watch the Chinese Mexican bases from satellites, planes & HUMINT, and the cont. Chinese buildup and laugh. Only skeleton crews man the bases & keep the equipment in order. (Reminds me of their numerous ghost metro areas they have built in China, huge cities w/out people. Are these backups?)

In order to stage from these bases & attack the USA, the Chinese will have to transport their troops across the Pacific, and then launch them towards the border & the Rio Grande over open ground against the U.S. Airforce. The spooks call this dream attack by 500,000 Chinese “the million man death march”, because the U.S. Airforce will destroy large segments of these units. (I might mention like they did in the Korean War?…remember, they wouldn’t hit them when they assembled & staged—our leaders will let them reach our border like they did in the Korean War. Oh yeah when they finally bombed them, they kept coming regardless of casualties, if anyone wants to remember!) The Pentagon has plans to evacuate everyone within 200 km. of the Mex. border & use the territory for a bombing range for Chinese. If the airforce would fail to stop ½ million attacking Chinese, they could get into the Rockies, as well as use our north-south superhighways to roll over the entire central USA. No wonder, the Chinese govt. wanted the movie Red Dawn changed & redone!!

NOT SO FUNNY. Actually, if America wants to survive intact, the potential uses of these bases aren’t a joke. If America were to collapse into chaos, the Chinese could unilaterally decide to protect their investment by launching peacekeepers into our cities. The Chinese govt. has been increasing their participation in UN peacekeeping forces in recent years. Or, if our cities are really destroyed by a Chinese first strike, it would be convenient to follow up w/ ground troops fully supplied by pre-positioned weapons & equipment. In other words, there are scenarios where their 500,000 troops might well end up patrolling our cities. I haven’t forgotten Tiananmen Square, nor do I speak Chinese.

PREVIOUS INFO HAS BEEN A MIX OF GOOD & BAD. It has been easy for Americans to see things like the Singapore military or Taiwanese in the USA and mistake them for Red Chinese in America. The Royal Singaporean Air Force trains in the US because they don’t have airspace in tiny Singapore. China has lots of commercial business & traffic in northern Mexico.

I have a lot of clever & informed friends, so many of you may already be aware of much of this post’s info. Texe Marrs, Steve Quayle, Vinny Eastwood, and Gulbransen are some of the many voices that have spoken about the Chinese Mexican bases. I don’t know how many witnesses & reports about these bases have come in over the years, some say hundreds of reports. The only specific location for a base is based on an eyewitness report, from which Steve Quayle identified an area determined by the triangle made up of the city of Sabinas Hidalgo on Hwy. 85 in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, & two small pts. Lampazos de Naranjos & Arroyo Blanco. This would put the site of the base about 60-70 miles south of Laredo, TX.

There you have it, China poses a threat to America thanks to our traitorous leaders.


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