SERCO 27 FEB 2014

SERCO: A part of the multinational predatory Corporatocracy. Many people already are aware of how corporations, which are controlled by the power elite, run their lives & are sustained by govt. collaborators who they can bribe & control. Some of you may have heard of Serco; my apologies for rehashing what you already know. On the other hand, Serco may be the largest company any of us could know, and yet we have never heard of it!!! (This post will attempt to give valuable details, while hopefully remaining short enough not to strain the reader’s attention.)

This post is primarily focused on SERCO, a corporation found in 16 countries, whose services incl. defense, education, transportation, hospitals, prisons, science, & our Dept. of State and Homeland Security. It is closely linked to GE, banking & insurance companies; for instance, top exec. for GE for 25 yrs. Tom Corcoram went over to SERCO in Dec. ’07 as a director. They have been successful in keeping SERCO out of the limelight while getting it involved in almost everything that governments do, incl. operating missile defenses, and determining the time for the world via Greenwich Mean Time GMT.

Now the elite have to have some means (tools) to implement their control, and multinational corporations are effective. In the past, the elite used the Br., Fr. & Dutch East India Companies for their Corporatocracies. You will note that the elite have no allegiance to such companies, but use them as cash cows to enrich themselves, even if it means the company will fail. So you see the elite Medici family bankrupted their own bank in 1494 by their extravagant living. You see Friedrich Krupp AG having to be bailed out in 1873 by the Bank of Prussia. The Br. East India Co. quit thriving because of all the thieving of the elite of company funds. In more recent times was the debacle of the BCCI, which was an elite insider bank that was totally corrupt engaging routinely in fraud, money laundering, & larceny. SERCO has also had its share of scandal…its CEO Chris Hyman resigned in late 2013 to help the company restore its reputation…in 2014 there was a scandal from them overcharging the govt….and common Australians have been outraged that the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, run by SERCO due to a govt. contract with 230 staff currently working, will go through 2014 and into April 2015 before admitting patients, meanwhile receiving this year $118 million for operating a hospital that doesn’t do anything. The alleged reason that the hospital can’t admit patients is that its IT system, which is to be paperless, is not ready. It pays to be connected to the elite and government collaborators.

Serco is especially active in English speaking countries and some Arab countries. They, like Halliburton, profited from the last Iraq war. Serco, w/ 2 other corp. groups, are contracted to run the Atomic Weapons sites in the U.K. at Aldermaston & Burghfield. They maintain the U.K.’s Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales. Your children can be born in a SERCO hospital, go to a SERCO school, and travel using Serco travel services, while a SERCO debt collection company is calling you for money. They are the largest air traffic controller company with 54 towers in the U.S. plus towers in other places like the UAE (United Arab Emirates). To top it off, they keep intelligence data/records for the U.S. military. Serco advertises to provide technology, management or professional help for federal, state and local govt.s; their ad says, “Your mission, our passion.”

Serco run prisons and juvenile detention centers have had their share of strange inmate deaths, inmate escapes and other problems, for instance, Ashfield Youth Offenders Institute (Nr Bristol, UK) had Inmates whose bones were broken by staff & reports of self-harm by inmates. Private prisons is a bad idea, (& a bigger subject than this post)…the privatizing of prisons takes some heat off of govt.s, but it also provides a way for a govt. to give lots of money to corporations like Serco. The Br. Serco operates Australia’s remote Curtin Detention Centre for asylum-seekers with ruthlessness.

Serco is certainly not alone in the elite’s Corporatocracy, there is Glencore (involved w/ many natural resources and farm products), Halliburton, and many others. A good example of power: Livery Companies appoint most of the voters for the “City of London”, which is the financial ctr. of Greater London. Deutsche Bank, intimately connected to the elite & the EU, was recently sued by U.S. stockholders because it bundled & sold bad real estate loans. Deutsche Bank got (by the way) $11.8 billion from U.S. taxpayers via AIG’s bailout.

We’ve taken a detailed look at one of the largest corporations, which is also one of the least heard about. I believe they have kept quiet about Serco because the size & range of its activities would shake & scare most people. We are not meant to be slaves to the corporations, and we do not have to view ourselves as their subjects. With self-sufficiency, self-respect, and self-confidence we can refuse to be intimidated by the corporations of the PTSNB. May God grant us the power to reject the mass media that functions on behalf of the elite’s corporatocracy, as well as their television programming. We reject the Spirit of Greed that they try to instill in us. We place our faith and confidence instead in our Creator.


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