Over the last 25 years I have experienced the sensitivity of the Powers that Should Not Be. This includes tag team following my car, tapping my phone, and more serious things. Sometimes they instantly crash my computer when sensitive subjects are investigated or make it almost impossible to do a radio show. It is normal for them to send thousands of viruses my way. (No exaggeration.) One radio show host lost his job because he could not keep me online— I had at least 2 phones to try to maintain contact with the studio and yet I was bumped off about 30 times. It was not his fault—normal communication devices that never fail may malfunction constantly when I attempt to do shows. In 2001, I had software that would track where visitors to my web site came from –and something like 65% of the visits were from Langley, VA (CIA). They constantly monitored the site. Most likely it has not changed.

NEW EXPERIENCE. What got my interest today was a new twist to all this. A friend who listens to Jack Blood’s radio show said that Jack Blood was interested in having me on. So I wrote an email to him making initial contact. When I went to send it and hit the send button, Outlook effectively deleted my email, by kicking me out of Outlook saying I needed to sign in again. The next time I wrote the email, I tried to save it before attempting to send it—and it would NOT save! What!? I have never experienced something like this before. Who is this Jack Blood?? Who can tell me something about him? Why would anyone be afraid of me speaking on his show? Can someone help me with this?



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