(A) FACTS ABOUT THE INCARNATION OF SATAN. This message is written to dispel the disinfo being widely disseminated about the Anti Christ (AC). The Spirit has repeatedly warned that in the last days “some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, & doctrines of demons.”(B) “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption” which shall bring men into bondage.(C) Not only does this infernal satanic king arrive with false doctrine & “false” miracles, his identity is being camouflaged by Christians who apparently do not know the facts about the Anti Christ. The “superman”, “superstatesman” AC will be loved globally, like Hitler was in Germany in 1939. Hitler had solved problems that seemed impossible. Someone with minimal popularity & no ability to problem solve or do miracles like Obama could not fit the bill. He may be animated by the Spirit of the AC, but Obama is not The Anti Christ. The facts in this message’s about the Anti Christ come from 3 kinds of sources: first, the entire spectrum of relevant details which are provided by the Word of God; secondly, facts gleaned from my work with “whistleblowers” who were either Illuminati members or other kinds of insiders who have firsthand info on the Anti Christ; and thirdly, spiritually learned details provided by the Spirit of God.

VARIOUS WAYS. Just as God is experienced in a variety of ways: a purging fire, a miracle in a time of need, a lawgiver, & an experience of profound love; likewise the Spirit of the AC (as well as the final Anti Christ in person, who is the incarnation of Satan in the flesh(D)) will be experienced in different ways. Satan & his AC Spirit can even appear in feminine form. In his final incarnation, he will be everything that would endear him to humanity…he solves humanity’s problems and receives the best acclaim & awards that the World & the World’s religious leaders can give. (Note that Hitler was “man of the year”.) As it is said, If something is too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!! The AC is Satan’s best impersonation of Christ…but this Anti Christ spirit is a satanic religious spirit. This religious spirit—the Spirit of the AC—accuses us just like Satan himself, who stands before God throwing accusations against Christians.(E) The AC Spirit beats up on us to inspire us to act like little gods and judge ourselves & others, & to feel dirty beyond redemption. The true blood of Christ is like laundry spray that is applied to tough stains.

While accusing the true believers, he is busy setting himself up as God. (Hitler had a following in Germany that worshipped him as God. Meanwhile Hitler, a type of AC, set out to purge Germany of all true believers.) Because Satan wants the glory as God in the flesh, the AC spirit has always denied that Christ came in the flesh.(F) If we go back in time Biblically, we discover that the Spirit of the Anti Christ, when it controlled the cherub Lucifer, fathered (spawned) Satan himself.(G) To counter the Fathering that God is raising Christians to do—Satan is fathering his evil Spirit of the AC wherever he can. God loves a man who is humble & carries out God’s will. The World values a man who can successfully carry out his own will. The Spirit of the Anti Christ works to make us esteem men of action & power, like Hitler. It gives us adversity to drive us from God’s kingdom (govt.)… “there are many anti-Christs”(H). Their message: Why follow God’s plan for your life, when you can be a self-sufficient, self-fulfilled god? (Eve wanted to be wise & self-fulfilled.) Many encounters w/ the AC Spirit, leave the victim feeling raped, and it is a vacuum that sucks out life & tries to destroy all that God is responsible for creating: incl. their curiosity for truth, beauty & love, their creativity, & their personhood. You may meet this AC Spirit in supposedly Christian situations such as church. Satanists operating within the Charismatic movement give the “gift of tongues” by a powerful principality demon, not the Holy Spirit. Such infiltrators are deceived to the pt. they think their deceptions are perfectly o.k.(I) These infiltrators are called “strange children” (J) whose “right hand is the right hand of falsehood” (K) because they are on the left hand path.

FACTS FROM RESEARCH. There is no doubt in my mind that the Illuminati have a high level project to create a powerful Anti Christ figure. Details have been shared from participants. He will be an extraordinary man with the DNA from a number of powerful occult bloodlines, and incl. the House of David. His mind will be extraordinary. Certain people in intelligence, who are not Illuminati members, are also aware of this Anti Christ project. The people in charge of the project know scripture better than most Christians & will attempt to take advantage of Christian beliefs to secure the allegiance of most mainstream Christians. Various ministers have given their allegiance to the program of deception that will be carried out. This Anti Christ project has been going on for many decades, and has worked through many candidates, and has had its share of glitches. World religious leaders will praise this “man of sin” for solving impossible economic problems. Who doesn’t love prosperity? The last days are notable because the wealthy elite have heaped together wealth in a way that they never did in history before.(L)

BIBLICAL DETAILS. The AC will come!(M) There will be a false evil trinity.(N) The context of his coming is during a period when the world has experienced wars, rumors of wars, famines, diseases, earthquakes and persecution of the true believers.(O) Bear in mind, the accuser of God (which is what the words Satan (Heb.) & devil (Greek) mean) studies the Bible also! And so does his hierarchy. This means the Illuminati can manipulate Bible believers. Beelzebul is prince of the demons(P), and he is also called prince of the air (Q), which is appropriate for a no. of reasons. Air power is one of his strong pts. This means that he already has the whole World under his power; what he lacks is the worship that is due God, which he intends to appropriate.(R) He will completely deceive those who do not love the truth & righteousness.(S) He gains the love & worship of the masses by deceptive miracles that his religious leader, the false prophet, does.(T) It does not say they are not real miracles—it only states they are deceptive! (U) Not only are powerful homosexuals widespread in the end days(V), the AC himself will be a homosexual.(W) He will arise out of the Illum.’s EU (X) He will hate “fundamentalist”, “Christ-only” emoticon His power will come from Satan himself.(Z) The AC’s image will be worldwide. Somehow, at some dedication or great event, an image of the AC even miraculously comes alive! This hero of the world will wage war against the extremists (i.e. those of us who believe in Christ being the ONLY “way, truth & life”) !! Now-a-days, it doesn’t take much effort to find people who hate Christians with a passion, and mistakenly think Christians are the cause of all the problems in the world.

Let us take heed, and keep watch during this time when darkness is increasing. May the Holy Spirit guide you and encourage you my friend. Amen.

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