This short post is to provide those interested in helping programmed multiples with some more info on images used in the t.b. programming, specifically Nazi Schwarze Sonne images & end-time Anti Christ/Beast imagery.

SATANIC FASCINATION WITH THE S.S. One of my early 90’s newsletters discussed our local Church of Satan leader Rex Church. A few yrs. ago, he left the Church of Satan to have his own group. His office was adorned with swastikas and SS banners, and he was quoted describing Satanism as an “occult-fascist pre-ecology think tank”. Rex Church had parents in the Church of Satan. He likes to wear black robes with a shaved head, & since my early article on him, he has added 4″ implanted horns under his skin from his eyebrows to the crown of his head with 666 tattooed on his head. Likewise, Michael Aquino, with Army Intelligence and an active trauma-based programmer also likes to sport black robes & the common Satanic 666 tattoo on his head. Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set is totally into the S.S.’s occult rituals, and along with that fascination American military trauma-based mind control programmers use the occult symbology/beliefs/religious sites of the S.S. Children are abused by programmers dressed as both Satan & God. It not only messes with them spiritually, but discredits them if the children recover any memories. Other examples of Satanic groups fascinated with using Nazism are the Process Church and the ONA, both of which are fronts using trauma-based mind control. When people have voiced concern that leaders in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency were Satanists, the govt.’s response is that a man’s religion doesn’t matter. (By the way, the British Royal Navy also recognizes Satanism as an acceptable religion.)

SCHWARZE SONNE. The exoteric name of the group was Schutz Staffeln (security section) which provided Hitler with security, and which was the basis for Americans using the name “Secret Service” (SS) for the similar group which protects our president. The esoteric name of the SS was Schwartze Sonne (meaning Black Sun). Their occult center was Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, which Michael Aquino and his cohorts have used a lot. Aquino was stationed in Germany, and traveled there. If Nazism had won WW2, Wewelsburg Castle would have grown to be similar to the Islam’s Mecca. Because the castle represents the center, core foundational programming is connected to an internal castle and “core identities” in the programming. This applies to German speaking programmed multiples (German & Austrian victims) as well as American.

A black sun is on the center of the castle floor. This was a ritual site for the SS. In the tbmc programming, the programmer will place under the symbol of the black sun a chamber where a part of the person’s “core identity” is put to death. In this four minute ‘clinical’ window of DEATH, high ranking ancient generational principalities (τοὺς κοσμοκράτορας “world rulers” Eph. 6:12, i.e. national demonic rulers) are channeled by the ongoing ritual into the victim, wrapping their conception & birth identity in a spiritual web of death. Subsequently, another replicated death ritual takes place trapping the victims’ new birth identity in this veil or web of death (Isa. 25:7-8). In this mental location, when the victim is resuscitated, the image & construct of the black sun, interfaced with these ancient fallen principalities, is installed & attached to their neshamah/human spirit & interfaced with Satan’s throne, which is located under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. (As an aside, remember that it has been common to reproduce hell in the programming images, the rivers of hell: Styx, Archeron, Phlegethon, the Cocytus and Lethe and the realms of hell such as Limbo where front castles are built. See my Deeper Insights, pgs. 476-485 for the structures, demonic attachments, etc. associated with hell in the programming. The programmed images of hell are put deep in the mind in deep trance states.)

With this black sun programming, the Temple Mount is the central locality & anchor where ALL occult portals connect with the second heavens with Satan and his throne in Jerusalem. This central locality is the power center & infra-structure for the Satanic global matrix and world system of control over the inhabitants of planet earth. From the floor of the Wewelsburg castle, looking vertically toward the ceiling or dome, there is the ancient occult symbol of the swastika (Hakenkreuz). When the person is resuscitated a part of the core identity and essence is projected into the second heaven. The spiritual dimensions of the Nazi’s occult religion are thereby replicated in the mind control victim. Also connected to this is the symbology of the reign of the Anti-Christ. You will note that leaders of Satanic groups, who are often tbmc programmers, have a fascination with the Beast imagery (like 666) of the end times as well as Nazi themes, & these themes show up in the programming.


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