SAUDI ARABIA: DESERT MIRAGE. This post is a forward looking article about how the stability of Saudi Arabia is to some degree a mirage. Because Saudi Arabia plays such a vital role in the world’s economy, it would be worthwhile for peoples’ perceptions to come more in line with reality. Three major problems are ready to surface over the coming years: 1) The Saudi oilfields are aging, and do not have the reserves that oil co. propaganda puts out, 2) The Saudi people have been suppressed & are tired of the House of Saud, 3) Saudi Arabia has not done a good job of creating an infrastructure to augment & replace the oil-gas industry. The fourth problem, Saudi debt, has been improving, down to only $20 billion in 2013 from $166 billion in ’99. I mention their debt, which they have carried my whole lifetime, because few people seem to be aware of their overspending.

SOME HISTORY. Gas has been evident in the region for ages. Nebuchadnezzar of Biblical fame had 3 believers in God thrown into the fire (DAN 3). Tradition has been that the fire was at the Eternal Fire of Baba Gurgur (near modern Kirkuk, Iraq). For centuries, gas has leaked out of the ground at Baba Gurgur fueling an “eternal fire”. When the British drilled for oil here in 1927, it gushed out so fast it created an expanding lake which was stopped w/ a hastily built dam. Failing to pump it back into the ground, they resorted to burning it. After WW I, a British major began exploring Saudi Arabia for oil. Interestingly, the father of Kim Philby (MI-6 spy chief working for the Soviets) was the catalyst to get Standard Oil (SOCAL) an oil concession w/ the King of Saudi Arabia. SOCAL brought in Texaco and in ’44 changed its name to Arabian Amer. Oil Co. (better known as Aramco). The Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of NJ (later named Exxon) and Mobil Oil were the controlling shareholders of Aramco. In the late ‘70’s, the Saudis began buying it out, & it is now Saudi Aramco, with about 86% of its employees Saudi nationals. Both the Saudis & the Illuminati have had a penchant for secrecy, and a great deal of disinfo & secrecy have covered the production of oil & gas in Saudi Arabia.

VIOLENT REGION. Before slavery was outlawed & went underground, there were 300,000 slaves in Saudi Arabia in the 1960’s. It continues very quietly in the extremely private houses of the rich. The entire region has been a Mecca for assassinations. Syrian Lt. Col. Adnan Al-Malki (1918-55) who opposed the Baghdad Pact (later named CENTO) may have been assassinated by Illum. orders w/ Amer. participation. On the flip side, pro-West, pro-Illum. agenda leaders were often assassinated, for instance: 1) Iraq Nuri Al-Said in 1958 (He signed the 1930 Anglo-Iraq Treaty, & gave control of Iraq oil to the U.K. He was married to the dau. of a wealthy Jewish Bagdadi banker. He was also close friend & 2nd cousin to Jordan’s Kg. Hussein.), 2) Jordanian prime ministers Hazza Barakat al-Majali (in 1960) & Wasfi Tal (in 1971). By the way, one of Tal’s Black Sept.’s assassination squad got down on the marble floor & drank up Tal’s blood. 3) Iran’s pro-Amer. pro-Illum. agenda Prime Minister Hassan Ali Mansur (1929-65), who had scared the Ayatollah Khomeini into exile. Iranian Pres. Rafsanjani brags that he ordered Mansur’s assassination. So the region has been hard on those leaders for or against the Illuminati’s agenda.

The House of Saud maintains one of the world’s largest military structures, secret police, and intel agency (Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah) in order to keep their own people from successfully rebelling! I have watched recent interviews of Saudi Royalty where they claim everyone is happy & there is no desire for revolution. They have already in recent times put down attempts for an Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia. Their govt. publishes no poverty figures; others report that 19% live on less than $450/mo., 40% live on less than $850/mo. & only 30% have their own home. Women need a near male relative to give them permission to get hospital treatment. In Saudi Arabia’s feudal society, they are still chattel. The Eastern Province has Shi’ites, which the Iranian govt. stirs up. This province on the Persian Gulf is also the area of their oil wells. Meanwhile the western provinces on the Red Sea have most of the population along w/ Medina & Mecca w/ their holy mosques.

OIL THAT IS…BLACK GOLD. Ghawar Field produces over 50% of Saudi oil; it is the world’s largest field so far producing perhaps 60 billion barrels of oil. 2 other large fields contribute much of the rest of their oil production with a no. of small fields making up the rest. Significant new oil fields have not been found for many years. Both the Illum. oil co. in Saudi Arabia & the Saudis have been very good at keeping the world supplied with oil & gas. They have repeatedly raised production rates to help out. Most people don’t realize that this was done at a cost to the Saudis, because overproducing a field too fast causes pressure problems, destroys the field’s viability, along w/ water encroachment. In other words, easy does it. Pumping too fast can cause long-term damage, which is what has happened to help with global demand & to help w/ prices. Aramco overproduced in 1970-73, and most people are not aware that this caused a 1974 Senate Investigation w/ 1400 pages of documentation. The Senate was alarmed that the long-term viability of the fields was compromised for short term gains. King Faisal intelligently stopped the overproduction w/ his oil embargo, which Kissinger said was the largest threat that has faced the West. Petroleum products were banned from the U.S. & the Netherlands in the 1973 oil embargo. Giant fields in Russia, China & Mexico are examples of large fields declining in production. While horizontal wells are now being used in Saudi Arabia, what most people don’t realize is that the easy to get gas/oil is gone, and there are extremely complex technical problems that have to be solved to keep the oil coming. Recent Saudi gas concessions were not to Amer., for instance, Royal Dutch Shell (2003), Russia’s Lukoil (’04) and China’s SINOPEC in (’04).

THE FUTURE? The Saudi House of Saud has played w/ reforms & to some degree building infrastructure. They have created a good petro-chemical business, began a steel industry and opened up some gold mines. But by & large, many opportunities have been squandered. Their high population growth is totally outstripping social resources, infrastructure, available jobs, etc. Most Saudis work for the govt. The purpose to this post is to show a secret instability to a nation that has an image of never running out of oil with a population that is well off & satisfied.


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