SATAN’S CRIME ZONE OR GOD’S WORK IN PROGRESS??: Spiritual & Moral lessons from SOUTH AFRICA. This is my first post on South Africa, with the anticipation that others may follow. The goal of this post is to use the history of South Africa & its problems as a learning tool. South Africa has been used by the elite because it has most of the world’s gold, diamonds, platinum, chromium, uranium, vanadium & manganese. It is also provides a site for a Beast Computer near Johannesburg, & has been actively turning out trauma-based mind control slaves for the elite for decades. AIDS, which was created by the elite, was introduced into Africa to reduce the population. The AIDS epidemic has ravaged the South African black communities, as promiscuity is rampant. In 1994, when whites peacefully turned over their govt. to Nelson Mandela of the ANC it looked like a tremendous victory for humanity. People worldwide were excited at the prospects for prosperity & peace in this new Promised Land of hope. The hope is now gone, the gap between the rich & poor has increased since black rule, over half the blacks are barely existing below the poverty line, and over half the women have been raped. Instead of hope, a dismal despair pervades the land that helps insure that things will continue to worsen.

THE GOSPEL OF LOVE, FAITH, GIVING & HUMILITY PERVERTED INTO A GOSPEL OF HATE, FEAR, TAKING & PRIDE. The predominant original group of blacks in what became South Africa were the Nguni, an intelligent, peaceful people. Other small groups like the peaceful Bushmen also lived there close to nature. The Dutch arrived in 1652 with the Dutch East India Co. & would later form the nucleus of what became the Afrikaner people, whose language has evolved as a simplified grammatical version of Dutch. These Dutch were later joined by French Huguenots & some Germans who gave themselves the identity of Afrikaners (Africans) and Boer (their word for farmer). They viewed themselves as the special chosen people of God of the Old Testament. They held to a Sabbath, and felt called to keep their identity separate from the heathens. In fact, to eliminate any confusion that might come from actually reading & heeding their Bibles, they convinced themselves that blacks are not fully human, but a sub-species descended from Ham that God wanted them to use as slaves. In line with their radical Calvinist perversion of Christianity, Afrikaners (the Chosen of God) were to refrain from sex with the natives.

APARTHEID. Later, when Nazism arose, they found it a kindred spirit, & a Dutch Nazi named Hendrik Verwoerd would become the Grand Architect of Apartheid (pronounced “apart-hate”, which means separate) which was legalized in 1948. On Oct. 4, 1972, I & some other young Christian leaders met with a white South African minister who explained what was going on in South Africa and how apartheid worked, and why it was evil. Up to this time, I, like a few black leaders before apartheid was a legal reality, had thought perhaps giving both the whites & blacks separate countries (nationally segregating the races) might be a more peaceful alternative than race-mixing like America where we had been having race riots. It was illegal for a white to have sex with a non-white, and of course mixed marriages were forbidden. When I learned the cruelty of apartheid, it made me indignant. Under apartheid, a black could enter a white church to clean it, but not to pray in it. (That particular law came under the Separate Amenities Act of Apartheid.) While blacks made up 80% of the population, they were given the leftover land for their homelands, which amounted to only 14% of South Africa. I will skip describing the cruelties the blacks had to endure. Under apartheid there was no freedom of the press, the police did not need search warrants, & one could go to prison without a trial. Unless Christ’s Biblical principles are used, people, even if they call themselves Christians, are building on sand that will not stand the test of storms. Biblical (& secular history) show that a single moral decision can radically affect many generations to come. A very righteous man will consider the future results of his actions: “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” PRV 13:22 “The meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” PS 37:11. A nation has to be built on righteous principles or it is not going to last.

MANDELA. Reconciliation is when two former enemies mutually recognize & confess their wrong doing. This is what Mandela wanted for his nation. Both Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Mandela said forgiveness was a matter of patriotic duty. In 1994, Nelson Mandela, who had been a political prisoner doing hard labor, became the prime minister of South Africa. Mandela has said a number of things that I thought were astute. He told the whites that if they did not want to deal with him, a man committed to peace & justice, they for sure were not going to like the next generation of revolutionaries who were committed to violence & destruction. He also said that in view of the misrule & abuse of blacks during apartheid, if you were not a communist by 19 something was wrong with you, but if ten years later you were not a Christian, something was wrong with you. In other words he meant that a decent person would not tolerate what was being done, but after trying Communist revolution, you would see that the teachings of Christ were far superior and accomplished far more. Mandela had reconciliation between the races his no. 1 goal.

Mandela was prime minister until 1999, but Thabo Mbeki was the power behind the Mandela, and Mbeki wanted racial fighting & saw no value in reconciliation. Over 50% of Mandela’s ministers were communists trained by the Stasi. While Mandela was the good front for the world to see, the hidden reality of his govt. is represented by “Bra Joe” Modise, Minister of Defense, who used his position to get filthy rich, so that when he left office in ’99, he joined the board of directors of more than a dozen companies, and had his own companies, and shares in others. Behind Mandela, the ANC leaders were jockeying with one another for position & power, while focusing on looting, bribes, graft, and carnal corruption in general. They knew Mandela was old and interim. When the blacks took over the white elite feted their leaders & bought them, and then quietly sold their assets in South Africa & left. In a ten year period, ’96-’06 800,000 whites abandoned their homeland for other places, and they have been followed by the educated blacks who wanted out of what has become a crazy crime zone, where the black police turned a blind eye to things like rape. Foreign investors are not anxious to invest in a nation that is a crime zone. For the poor masses, life is the same, except now they have a corrupt black elite that has replaced the white rulers. Thinking they had reached the promised land in ’94, South Africans have discovered they are still in Egypt! Their Moses & Aaron (Mandela & Mbeki) failed them.

ELITE CORPORATIONS. Our elite corporations & the various alphabet soup spook organizations are active in South Africa, and bear some of the blame for things. The elite corp. ThyssenKrupp was involved in bribing So. African officials. German officials were investigating them, incl. finding the details of an illegal $3 million bribe. Due to influence/pressure from the elite, the German investigators closed the investigation & left ThyssenKrupp alone.

A LOOK AT PC THOUGHTS. It is popular & PC to hate the white race, even some whites do it. Millions of blacks were brought over from Africa & placed into slavery. It was cruel. And yet…when given the chance to go back to Africa, they were happy to stay in a white dominated society. During the Civil War era, the U.S. govt. was willing to send blacks back to Africa, the ones that did repatriate went to Liberia. Blacks preferred to live under white rule rather than to go back to Africa. From 1956 to ’66, 28 African nations went from white rule to black rule. All of them have gone down to a lower standard of living. Paved roads are now paths. Electricity has been replaced with candles if anything. Corruption is rampant. Tribal wars of genocide have occurred. It’s been a sad picture. In an interview, Obama’s brother in Kenya said that going back to colonialism would raise the standard of living…that in contrast with Barry’s communist viewpoints. When the Blacks began administering South Africa, ESKOM, the nation’s electrical company kept issuing warnings about repairs & problems, but were ignored until the system now operates with repeated blackouts. Gold & uranium mines had to stop operations due to electrical problems. Next, I could write about how amateur govt. officials ruined the water system.

This post is not long enough for any analysis of all this, but my observations are that both whites & blacks have the potential to contribute & invent good things, & both have the potential for evil. The blame for the problems in Africa probably lie with everyone. If the whites were ruling a nation for a century or more, the mark of a good administration or leadership is to create something that will sustain itself in a positive way, not something that collapses into anarchy & crime. When I look at the history of South Africa (& Africa in general), there is plenty of blame all around, and as Biblical history shows, when we make poor moral decisions, their calamity and bad side effects can domino down many generations. This should give us impetus to think twice and to act morally responsible in line with the love Christ taught for our fellow man. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


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