One of my readers inquired about the role of Russia in the World Order. Somehow he missed a number of articles I have written on the subject. The following is a repeat of the kind of hard hitting information I have put out to show how Russia & Putin are merely tools of the Illuminati globalists.

POLICY PROCESS TEMPLATE REPLICATED. The same policy process we have here [USA] is implemented in other nations with various names. The equivalent of the CFR in England is the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, aka Chatham House), and Germany had the Institut fuer Auswaertige Politik. Today the European equivalents to our CFR policy planning group are under the umbrella organization of EPIN (Euro. Policy Inst. Network) in Brussels, whose slogan is “Networking the Future of Europe”.

ILLUMINATI POLICY PLANNING GROUPS IN RUSSIA. All of the groups to be mentioned are HQed in Moscow. The first is the Council on Foreign & Defense Policy (CFDP), which was est. in Feb. 1992. CFDP’s Chrmn. of the Presidium is Sergey Karaganov (bn. 1952), who is also a mmbr. of the U.S. Trilateral Institute (since ’81), and on an advisory council of Amer.’s CFR from ’95-2005. Karaganov is said to be one of the most brilliant men in the public eye. The CFDP is very influential w/ the Russian govt. and maintains contact with people in the West & western NGOs. The next Illum. policy group in Moscow is the Carnegie Moscow Centre Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It was est. in 1993 as a branch of the CEIP in Wash. D.C. The Moscow branch publishes about 30 free titles per year. After being directed during its first years by non-Westerns, it got its first Russian director in 2008 in the person of Dmitri Trenin (bn. 1955) who worked once for NATO as well as being a mmber of London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies. Trenin’s Russian military career began as an officer cadet in ’72, & ended in ’93 when he retired as a colonel and got on staff with the Moscow branch of the CEIP. He got a history degree, & spent ’93-’94 in Brussels as a visiting professor. He writes editorials that are published in the western Press like the NY Times (for instance, NYT 6/17/’02). The East West Institute, est. in ’80, is a global think tank with offices in NYC, Brussels & Moscow. The next & last think tank to mention may not be connected to the Illum., yet it is certainly is worthwhile to mention…it’s the Centre For Political Technologies (CPT) which is tasked with managing Russia’s image worldwide. They are essentially a NGO salesperson for Russia’ reputation, w/ a permanent staff of 70, in 13 dept.s, & others hired as needed.

RUSSIA’S ROLE. From its very inception, the new Russia was designed to become a catalyst for global governance, but global governance by whom? As they say, always follow the money.

Russia is more beholden to international bankers than perhaps any nation on the planet. After the collapse of the Russian economy and the dissolution of the old Soviet Union, the country was in dire straits. From 1992 to 1996, the IMF intervened in the Russian economy, offering more than $22 billion in aid (officially). This first loan package was presented as a failure when Russia defaulted on its debts, and loans from the IMF restarted through the late ’90s until this very day.
Many people are aware of the IMF involvement in Russia, but few know about the scandal surrounding where those IMF funds specifically went. In 1999, information was made public on the diversion of IMF cash into the coffers of Russian corporate elites, politicians, and even mobsters. This money was supposed to go toward the rebuilding of Russian infrastructure and economy. Instead, the aristocracy & criminal underworld were receiving a large cut of the funds.

The money was diverted and laundered through the Bank of New York, an institution founded in 1784 by none other than internationalist agent & central bank promoter Alexander Hamilton. The bank changed ownership through merger in 2007 and is now called The Bank of New York Mellon.

The IMF’s first response to the scandal was to divert blame, stating that it had no control over the cash once it was in the hands of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). After continued revelations on funds being misused or disappearing altogether, the IMF commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers to audit the CBR. The results of that audit have never been made public. However, in 1999 the Russian government admitted that it had hidden more than $50 billion offshore in a subsidiary bank in the Channel Islands. Part of this money came from IMF bailouts. The former chairman of the CBR, Sergey Dubinin, insisted that the IMF was fully aware of who the funds were going to.

Numerous officials from the chief state auditor to the minister of internal security to the prosecutor general of Russia had come forward with information that corroborated evidence that IMF money was being distributed to the wrong people. The chairman of the Duma Committee on Security stated that some of the IMF loans never made it to Russia. Rather, the money was pumped into the secret foreign accounts of Russia’s highest officials.

CLOSE COOPERATION BETWEEN THE STATE & MARKET. For the new paradigm to work, it requires a balanced cooperation between the power of the state & the decision makers of the market. One can go back historically and see these connections in action. In 1900, the Briansk Company in Russia set off a power struggle when Russian directors were removed and replaced by Frenchmen on Briansk’s Bd. of Directors. The displaced Russian management got Russian creditors to call in 8 million rubles of loans. The Illuminati’s Societe Generale of France gave an 8 million ruble increase in capital to Briansk in Jan. 1901, and its director Dorizon got the French govt. to exert the strongest pressure on the Russian govt. The Russians were threatened with cut offs in credit in the markets, etc. In the end, a resolution was created where Briansk survived, and both the French & Russian concerns could feel they won. In Dec. 1994, a French company wanted the deal for managing the Brazilian rain forests & air traffic in Brazil. The U.S. govt. worked for Raytheon and outmaneuvered the French for the $1 billion contract. A nation’s economic strategy is as important if not more so than its military strategy, and ambassadors, like in the above two examples, really function as financial & trade reps for their nations.

THE GLOBALISTS GET THEIR PEOPLE INTO POWER. The first bailouts of Russia were designed to buy the cooperation of the Russian political & corporate elite & ensure that the future direction of the nation would follow the globalist plan. Fast-forward to now. Putin continues the relationship between Russia & the IMF. In 2009, Putin called for the creation of a “super reserve currency” under the control of the IMF and using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket as a foundation.

Why would Putin, a supposedly anti-globalist nationalist leader, want the IMF, a supposedly U.S.-controlled institution, to be the global purveyor and overlord of the world economy? It’s because the IMF is not a U.S.-controlled institution; it is a banker-controlled institution. And Putin is essentially a globalist, not a nationalist as his image.

THE UKRAINE. The recent break of Crimea from Ukraine and secession to Russia was partly instigated by the vast concessions required by the IMF if loans to Ukraine were to move forward. One of these concessions included the handing over of Ukrainian gas pipelines to America’s Chevron. Crimean leaders accused Kiev politicians of selling out Ukraine to the global bankers. However, it was actually Russia’s finance minister & Putin who first pushed for the IMF bailout of Ukraine. It was, in fact, Putin who wanted Ukraine to “sell out” to Western financiers.

PART OF B.I.S. > Russia’s central bank is also a member of the Bank of International Settlements, the good-old-boys club of the international banking world. The BIS was founded in ‘30 & served as the focal point of globalization ‘til after W.W. II.

This has been a review of information to show readers that even though Putin & his Russia are widely seen by the Awake community in America as anti-NWO, the entire process is really Hegelian dialectics…a big dog & pony show. It could be likened to a great chess game.


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