ROBBING AMERICA BEFORE BURNING IT DOWN: How the Illuminati elite financiers are on a mission to abscond w/ what’s still left of value in Amer., robbing us blind, & raiding the last hidden nest eggs, before they destroy us.

The year is 2008, & Americans are devastated by gas prices going bonkers…rising in April to the aver. of $3.50/gal., in June to above $4/gal., & by July almost $5/gal. in some places….and yet by the end of the year the aver. had fallen to a 5-yr. low of $1.61/gal. Fingers were pointed in all kinds of directions, except at the guilty party…those elite financiers. Fingers were pointed in many directions incl. at greedy Arabs, greedy foreigners in general, Obama refusing oil drilling permits off FL, and last but not least the supply & demand explanation (which is one of the most popular bogus alibis when the elite steal our cash). The Bush admin. in 1991, beginning w/ the Illum. run Goldman Sachs’s trading company J. Aron, made secret written exceptions (loopholes to the rules) to certain elite commodity traders. Commodity traders had manipulated commodity prices in the 1920’s & hurt the public, which is why the Commodity Exchange Act (1936) was created with govt. oversight over commodity prices & trading to prevent manipulation. Thanks to Bush, Sr. that oversight was secretly thrown out for the elite, & long story short, the gas prices of 2008.

The elite’s thievery is not only accepted policy for our govt., but due to the influence of powerful money, the people have been convinced that these thieves are our saviors, so the victims are not only staying passive, but helping them, & cheering them on as they rob us. The ignorant but politically popular widely-held American belief is that whatever makes our elite richer is our best hope for prosperity. If they make billions, it will surely trickle down to all of us. “Ya make da masta rich, & he’ll fed ya bedda.” Well, the rich master could care less about those in need. He is getting rich off of those in need! Have you noticed that in our lifetime the rich have gotten richer, & the poor poorer! The gap is growing as you read this! They are not slowing down their wasteful indulgences, to feed us, we are the one’s feeding them, as they rip us off, rob us, exploit us with one clever bubble after another. In 2000-1, it was the tech stock bubble popping. Replaced in 2007-08 with the housing bubble popping….this bubble caused approx. 40% of the world’s wealth to evaporate, while the elite got richer. The Illuminati’s Societe Generale of France ended up getting billions of bailout dollars from our govt. And the Tea Party was mostly quiet as trillions of bailout dollars were handed out to elite thieves & gamblers. During this period a rep. of Goldman Sach told the congregation at London’s St. Paul Cathedral that Jesus would approve of Goldman Sach’s greed. As the apostate church is into the prosperity gospel, it seems good to them that the elite have greed, because their prosperity will bless us. (How many times have my ears been burned w/ this nonsense.)

An ex-derivative trader, someone who worked for all the major brokerage houses on the Chicago Merchantile Exchange, an insider working for the elite, made a remark on 2/19/2009 that we need a Chicago Tea Party. Next, add in Tobacco corporations & the two billionaire Koch brothers, one of whom co-founded the John Birch Soc. false opposition group, & you have the major players behind the creation of the Tea Party, another false opposition group. For yrs. all the John Birchers I’ve met have opposed my exposé of the Illuminati, esp. since I talk about the negative side of the Freemasons, Zionists, & Catholic Church. The Tea Party is neither libertarian nor populist. Sarah Palin, while bright, attractive & a great speaker, is a programmed multiple, as surely many other Tea Party leaders also are. The elite are bright at creating their own “opposition”, just pay attention that the Tea Party opposed bailouts to individual homeowners, while fighting hard against a few congressmen who wanted new laws to force irresponsible banks to bail themselves out.

I want to keep this short. To wrap it up, let’s look at an example of how the middle class got targeted & robbed & never realized it. It was done to them by Alan Greenspan. Yes, I realize his image—all false given to him by the controlled media—Time magazine 2/99 has him on the cover w/ 2 of Clinton’s admin. & the caption is “The Committee to Save the World: The inside story of how the Three Marketeers have prevented a global economic meltdown-so far.” Friends, people in general: Alan Greenspan did everything he could behind the scenes to help the elite create one bubble after another— he & his 2 friends helped cause the meltdown! Greenspan was a lackey of the elite…yes, at his 50th birthday party his friends there incl. David Rockefeller, Brooke Astor, Henry Kissinger & Joe & Estee Lauder. So back to my example of how the middle class got unwittingly robbed…Greenspan came up w/ a “revenue enhancement” (false label to sell it to the public because the then-Pres. Reagan supposedly was against taxes & big govt. spending). This revenue enhancement was to raise the Social Security tax from 9.35 to 15.3 %. It would supposedly keep the Soc. Sec. program solvent, & was claimed not to be a tax because people would be paid the funds back. They collected an extra $1.5 trillion dollars from this new tax, which the govt. speedily spent, much of it quietly to handouts to the elite. As there is a cap on how much soc. security can tax of your income, (it was approx. $100,000 –I don’t know what the cap is now) anyone with an upper class income was barely affected—the group that carried the burden of the new tax were the middle class. And then after the money was spent, they tell the ADA prone public (w/ what seems to be a habit for long term memory problems) that the Social Security program is broke. And they can do this kind of criminal activity because the opposition groups are controlled opposition. TARP, the $750 billion bank bailout was supported by Sarah Palin. We bailed out irresponsible elite crooks that stole our money with scams instead of spending it on something useful …say an alternative energy grid, & improvements in the existing one for when we start having brownouts & blackouts. I think I’ve made my point. Surely, Americans don’t have to cheer for the crooks that are pillaging us while causing the downfall of America. Must we be sheeple? don’t forget to grin as they fleece you.


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