Restraining Evil: Part 2 on ROM 13:1 5 APR 2013

Restraining Evil: Part 2 on ROM 13:1.

Without a proper understanding, Bible verses can be confusing, for instance, “Love not the World”, but “For God so loved the world…”. The first use of “world” (kosmos) means World Order, and the second use of “world” refers to the inhabitants of that system.

Now why would the Word of God call govts. “ministers of God” (?), when it is very clear in the Scriptures that the World System (incl. all govts.) is controlled by Satan, his fallen angels, & evil spirits?? Answer: Sin broke the direct rule by YHWH God. Since direct rule had broken down due to our freewill choice to rebel, God allowed a temporary substitute, human govt., to restrain evil, as well as tutor us how to control ourselves & come under discipline & law. So it is godly to be law abiding. Note also it is a temporary expedient till Christ “reconciles all things to Himself”. COL 1:20.

Next note that govt.’s godly purpose is to restrain & punish evil. When govt. exceeds that mandate (and as it is controlled by fallen man controlled by evil spirits it typically will) then it moves itself into operating under demonic power.

Let’s review an example. Rodney King’s life was an example of someone out of control who needed restraining; he eventually apparently killed himself at 47. Handcuffs (if properly used) are an instrument of restraint. The police have a God-backed mandate to restrain evil. But in Rodney King’s case they exceeded that…& inflicted 33 baton blows, 6 kicks, 2 tasers w/ 8 officers jumping in on the brutality & breaking various bones in the helpless man. Then the officers openly bragged about what they’d done to nurses. The public knew it was not right what the officers did, even though our broken court system acquitted the officers, so riots broke out in L.A. killing 53 & injuring 2,283. (And I realize some people narrow mindedly only saw this as a race issue, & took sides accordingly.) Another response to this case was the creation of copwatch groups to protect the public from police brutality. So govt.s can take themselves from being servants of God to being instruments of the devil. (An obvious fact that eludes many.)

(Setting forth to untangle all the false ideas surrounding this entire subject is a big job, I’ll see what I can do.) One tangled mess is the ignorance of God’s ultimate, intentional & circumstantial wills. To say something is God’s will is meaningless, without an understanding that these 3 wills are different things. His ideal intention is that (for instance) all men come to salvation. But His circumstantial will is to allow us free will to sin, which means God works with the circumstances of men’s choices & our wills. Therefore, to think all evil is an inevitable act of God is to fall for one of the World System’s big scams. These worldly churches have duped people into thinking that what is happening is God’s will and to go against this rising evil is to go against God. These misguided duped Christians therefore are delirious with joy at each new evil step of repression that the World Order carries out.

An example of intentional will is Christ’s intentional will that Jerusalem be protected (MT 23:37), which obviously reflected our Heavenly Father’s intentional will. Yet, within a few yrs. Jerusalem was cruelly destroyed. The circumstances were that Jerusalem’s evil removed God’s protection, and they suffered the consequences…much like America will now that we have lost our first love & His protective hand. God wants us to come to the truth, but His circumstantial will is that if we hate truth, we will get a strong delusion. (2 THS 2:11-12)

Must we play “nice guy” & placate monsters & absorb their misplaced anger like Rodney King initially did? Should we just swallow our indignation & try to digest it before it gives us ulcers?
Depressed people will not use their power. Feeling beaten, they ask, “Is life worth the trouble?” There is a real lack of proper teaching in this area. All of the prophets, apostles, even Christ got righteously indignant (downright angry). Christ taught us to have the mind of the Father: “not my will, but thine”. Therefore, if God is angry at something or someone, IF we sincerely follow Christ, we’ll also be angry. This shows that there is another side to the coin of “Love your enemies.” We are to love our personal enemies, PLEASE, if someone does you wrong forgive them & move on, but nowhere in the Bible does it say “love God’s enemies”. If God hates someone, so should we, if we have the mind of Christ. God is about love, and for love to have power it must have indignation. Perpetual niceness & appeasement is powerless castrated love. We are talking about righteous anger to make things better, not a ravaging destructive bitter anger. What kind of a God would He be if He didn’t get angry? It would mean things were not important to Him. While He is slow to anger…the Word clearly shows He gets angry. People you don’t have to walk around with a plastic smile & be chronically nice. God gives us the freedom to be genuine. In fact, God hates insincerity, & gave his prophets of old the freedom to be genuine. When we can tell ourselves the truth, then we experience freedom!

ONCE AGAIN THIS IS LONG. Should I keep going on this big subject?


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