RED CHINA: The SQUALOR behind the POWER & GLAMOUR. China’s poverty stricken rural masses are the cheap labor fueling China’s economic muscle that permits China to underprice everyone in manufacturing. Without the strict safety rules & pollution controls that protect most of the American & European workers, the Chinese can produce products in sweatshops with lower factory costs. Chinese management are some of the most skilled in being able to hide the truth from the rare inspectors. Model plants & unseen subcontractors are just two of their tricks to insure that the rare inspectors never see the full story of how Chinese peasant workers are exploited like slaves. There is no way the American worker can compete with a Chinese peasant making 25 to 40 cents an hour. The displaced rural workers are coming to the cities by the tens of millions from unimaginable poverty, starvation & suffering where farms may even lack a water buffalo & use human strength to pull farm implements. While they can at least survive in the factories, they can’t get ahead, & are trapped in a new form of poverty. For the time being it looks like there is a bottomless supply of labor from poverty stricken rural areas which are much poorer than poor areas of Mexico. Robber barons, like the U.S. had in the 1800’s, are now thriving in China.
Shanghai & Hong Kong are the 2 most notable trade cities of China. Both were built up by foreigners as trade ports. Three Jewish families built Shanghai: Sassoon, Hardoun, and Kadoorie. The Jewish quarter has been well protected since. After the Communist revolution half of the buildings of Shanghai were destroyed. Before the British gave Hong Kong to China, Hong Kong was already (due to its close proximity) losing its manufacturing to mainland China. Beginning in 1978, foreign investors (like Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, & the Rothschilds) provided money & talent to rebuild the modern Shanghai. The foreign part of old pre-Revolution Shanghai was called The Bund. The new foreign part of the city is the Gubei New Area…although the Chinese govt. helps keep its existence very quiet. In 2004, for instance, Shanghai received $12 billion in foreign investment money. Foreign investors (in line w/ Illuminati plans) have been neglecting other areas in the world like the U.S. and investing heavily in China. Foreign men in Shanghai are provided with women in abundance compared to back home. Special Economic Zones have been created, and Pudong district in Shanghai has 300 of the Global Fortune 500 companies, and across the river are 100 more.
In America, the furniture, printing, leather goods and the garment industries have been decimated. Japan lost their TV industry, Italy their fine-silk business, & the Dutch their pottery. This is of course only a partial list. About 70% of Walmart’s sales are Chinese products, and Walmart brought in $405 billion in revenue in the last annual stat that I found. Walmart is the largest overall employer in the USA with 2.1 million full time employees. They operate globally under different names: in Mexico-Walmex, in the U.K.—Asda, in Japan—Seiyu, and in India —Best Price. Their 8,500 stores have wiped out many small town U.S. mainstreets. There is no way American products & American stores can compete against such a large corporation w/ China & Chinese products behind it. China is even making parts for Boeing planes. Western Europe (like Germany) has turned to cheap Eastern European labor to try to compete with the Chinese. Most countries are simply allowing China to do what they want, as they are afraid to challenge their economic power. Our politicians have been bought off for about 20 years. Manufacturing is globally headed (along w/ investment money) from all directions to China.
China’s boom is perhaps the largest quickest boom in history. Can anything derail their increase in power? If trends continue, in 35 years China may have twice the GNP & economic power than the USA. Most Americans will find themselves in poverty. Of course, major events are planned to rock the world, so trends won’t remain stable…still it is hard to see how China’s growth in power will stop. With the World’s leaders (as well as our own politicians) quietly abandoning the USA, America is going to have a hard time holding together economically. Americans should not forget that the Chinese leadership is power hungry. While cheap Chinese products are great in the short run, the destruction of America’s industries, and the shift in power to China may well create a reverse neo-colonialism. We should treat this as a judgment from God, and seek His mercy & forgiveness that He would continue to bless America.


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