The show was on hypnotism, mind control & the occult. Rod Scarth, one of the world’s best hypnotists, has been exposing MK Ultra. Because many of you will not get a chance to hear the radio show we did, here is a discussion of what was talked about. (By the way, someone did not want me on the show, I had many unusual computer problems—Skype, which has worked well all week long, all of a sudden did not want to load or function!)

CHRIS: Chris discussed Aleister Crowley, his use of Boleskine House, and the organizations and people he associated with. I discussed the Moon Child rituals (which Crowley wrote about) which are done to a fetus to demonize it and “capture the soul”. The Moon Child rituals are done by the Illuminati bloodlines, and were learned by Crowley from the generational witchcraft families of northern Italy. Italian generational witchcraft is called the “Way of the Strega”. He discussed Margarine Max a recruiter of spies for MI-6. Chris discussed various buildings in London used by MI-5 and how computer buffs had been able to trace with ISIS messages were coming from…they were coming from MI-5 I.P.s in London!! Then the excuse given by a Br. Politician when this was disclosed was that the British govt. had sold these I.P.s to the Saudis. Well, you don’t sell an I.P. it is geo fixed. So we have learned how MI-5 is playing a role in the creation of ISIS.
ROD: Rod discussed the video he just made. I posted the link to it for you just before the show. The video shows an impromptu unrehearsed trance that Rod puts a woman into. He is able to give her a code to say. I found Rod’s comments interesting because the video doesn’t give enough background information for the viewer to fully appreciate what Rod is demonstrating with hypnosis. Rod is showing that a good hypnotist can quickly induce a subject and get them to do things they would not normally want to do. I ask Rod to explain if it is possible for the hypnotist to have power over a person to get them to do something they would not normally do, and he said “yes” in his answer. I asked him to explain how the person’s mind will abdicate control to the hypnotist. I asked him to explain if it is possible for the hypnotist to disguise his words and hypnotize someone without their consent. He explained that it can be done and it is called “subversive hypnosis”. I asked him about various trance states and he said the somnambulistic state is the perfect state to program someone in. MK-Ultra victims often have the programming put in at this somnambulistic level.

CHRIS: Chris discussed Hampstead, where a big scandal has been brewing involving the sexual abuse of children and the t.b. mind control. Chris discussed some of the British politicians, and their connection to all these kinds of things. He asked me about the ritual where a child must kill another child, which is talked about in the U.K.—and I mentioned how that is also common here in the U.S. for victims of t.b.m.c. Chris discussed Ian Fleming, an assoc. of Crowley. Ian Fleming based his James Bond books on his own life. Fleming liked Jamaica where he would watch voodoo. Chris discussed how voodoo was a combo of African magic and magic that the slave owners had shown the slave. Many of the slave traders had come from a Swiss town of Voudoun (sp.?). I had heard of the town before, but am not sure of the spelling. According to Chris, the name of the Swiss town influenced the adoption of the name Voodoo.

FRITZ: I asked Rod to explain the use of sounds, lights, color, flashing lights, and drugs in hypnosis. He described how sounds and drugs are very helpful. He said singing can be useful and that Benny Hinn is a good hypnotist and uses singing to induce his audience into a trance. Rod said flashing lights detract from hypnosis. He said that a drunk can’t be hypnotized very well because they won’t focus on what the hypnotist wants. So I ask him about people on marijuana…and he confirmed that it acts like alcohol to prevent the hypnotist from gaining the focus of the subject. The subject’s mind wants to go on its own peaceful trip…rather than go with the hypnotist.

CHRIS: Chris described how Freud’s father was a disciple of Baron Jacob Frank, a Satanist with loads of Illuminati friends. So I discussed how Freud’s psychology theories are based upon the Cabala. I have a couple of books that described the connections, which are not necessarily apparent to the casual viewer of Freud’s work. Chris then went into a discussion of the importance of the Cabala. Chris asked me about the demonization of the fetus, and I explained how a spirit guide will be placed into the child. The spirit guide will be called “a friend” by the child; and the child will be taught the history of this family spirit guide. A family guide is a totem. Chris discussed on lady who had a dinosaur that she talked to as her spirit guide. Chris discussed how cabalistic gematria was being introduced into the math curriculums. Chris asked me about love bombing, traumatization of the fetus, etc. and I explained how these occur in the t.b.m.c. Chris brought up the subject of Ken Anger going to Crowley’s Italian temple, and how Alfred Kinsey was a disciple of Crowley. He discussed how Kinsey used pedophiles who kept diaries of their abuse of children. I discussed how Kinsey was financed by the Rockefellers and how they connected to the Illuminati bloodlines.

That is an overview of the show today. Have a good day, my friends.



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