Here is the link to a great radio show that I did with Christine Hart, a reporter out of the London, UK area. (The show was on Friday, from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. PST…11 a.m. in London… and it is free to listen to its MP3 recording.) Christine is no stranger to the kinds of things I expose…she was raised in a Jesuit orphanage and had a nun as her handler. She unwittingly worked for M16, and she has recently been figuring out the pieces to her life & assembling them. She wanted to do a show on evil, esp. its mind control & Satanism. We get into these subjects & more. She mentions the Care Home on Jersey Is. where bodies of babies were found. I discuss a template of how evil works—it has a good looking mask (the exoteric) and the hidden reality of its evil (the esoteric).>


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