Today, I did an interview for 90 minutes with Mark Devlin, who has a podcast show called Good Vibrations. He is out of Oxford, U.K. The show dealt with Trauma-based mind-control. Mark is very well informed on the subject, so the interview was excellent. In spite of upgrading my Internet to wifi to avoid having interviews interrupted, when I came to certain subjects (like Tavistock in the U.K.) I got bumped off anyway. It was O.K. to talk about CIA mind control to the Brits, but not British m.c. to the Brits! My Skype acted strange during the Interview, but we persisted & got a good interview. Mark will share the url link to today’s show in a few days. He also in the future plans to join The People’s Voice which is an alternative media being launched by David Icke, to give the British an alternative to the controlled media.


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