For those who missed it yesterday, the U.S. Senate drew a line in the sand pledging the U.S. to military action against Iran if they do not stop their nuclear program. Attacking Iran risks a war with Russia, China and India who are in strategic alliances. This was how WW I got started; what looked relatively small, became a world war because of alliances. The cold war of the 50’s which seemed dead may become alive and hot. Iran and Israel are on a collision path. This is the kind of scenario I have long talked about where there seems to be no alternative but to go down the path they want us to go. There are alternatives but people minds won’t see through the double binds and won’t go there. Overall, there are some mixed indicators that this time we will end up in WW III, but it sure looks like the slippery slope they have placed us on is leading to that. May the salt of the earth help preserve the earth.


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