Friends, This info lines up with the things I have been receiving and discerning. And the goodhearted man who spoke out is right…the people don’t have a clue, as I have been getting out among them and seeing lots of them, and it is rare to meet those on top of things. I would not be doing my job, my calling if I did not share this insider’s warning.

After Roger made his comment I edited this post. Roger made an important point about how the DHS agent’s time prediction have already failed. Anyway, my edit on fb didn’t take, and now over an hour later I am retyping & redoing the edit to my initial post.

I wanted to add my own warning about/to the DHS agent’s warning. In the 1970’s I became aware of the fragility of the economy and how it had built in mechanisms to collapse. For years, people have made predictions, and often set dates. Some of my friends have even responded to the dates. Many dates have been set but the big crash has never come. We need to be leery of dates.
In WW 2, the Germans had already launched their invasion of Poland and some of the preliminary Brandenberger units had already assaulted targets when the German high command changed their mind and the date. Later, the Germans changed the date of attacking the West (France, UK & Belg.) several times, which meant that the French got several false warnings from sources that were 100% sure the attack was on such & such date. The same scenario repeated itself when Germany got ready to attack the USSR. There were so many false alarms from sources that were 100% that Stalin began to think the whole invasion was a hoax, and believing it to be false, he turned a deaf ear to all the many signs of an imminent invasion. Then the real thing happened and he still would not believe the reports. We don’t want to be like that. There will of course be false dates.
What is important is that the economic crash is coming…and that the evidence of this is massive…incl. insiders aware and planning for it and govt. agencies planning for it. God, the hierarchy and who knows what else can all destabilize any date, just like the Germans in WW 2 changed & reset the Poland invasion date, AFTER their troops had begun to invade.
DHS Agent Reveals U.S. to Collapse: Within 6 Weeks | World Truth.TV


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