This article is a follow up article to my 4/21/’14 in-depth article on Putin’s personality. This article provides the context for understanding Russia & its leader. Today, Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 which it claimed was violating its airspace. The jet’s two airmen parachuted into the guns of a Syrian Islamic force that killed them, & then shot down a Russian rescue helicopter with an American-supplied TOW missile.

A QUICK RESPONSIVE AGILE MIND…Putin is one of the most intelligent leaders on the global scene. The West likes to characterize his fast thinking as “impulsive opportunism”, and the Russians are happy to allow that misconception. Gleb Pavlovsky, a Kremlin advisor to Putin, said, “Our system does not plan, it stands atop a wave, and it begins to improvise.” Pavlovsky says the Crimean annexation, the Ukrainian civil war, etc. were entirely unplanned. BALONEY. Russia had detailed plans for all of these events years before they took place. The Operation Clockwork Orange plans, who someone leaked, showed glimpses of all this. They were just waiting for a pretext to put their detailed operations into effect. And how did they do it. They had Russian soldiers take off their uniforms in both the Crimea and the Ukraine. Let’s take a look at one of Putin’s best instruments of covertly implementing things, the Chechens.

CHECHNYA, RUSSIA’S MOST HELPFUL ALLY. I remember the Chechnya rebels being some of the fiercest modern fighters. They took on Russian armies & defeated them. When Putin came along, he put a plan into action to place one of the moderate muftis into power if he could help Russia defeat the radical Islamic factions. It took 10 yrs. to succeed. Akhmad Kadyrov switched sides & gave Russia the help they needed. He was assassinated in 2004, but his son Ramzan Kadyrov took over & persuaded most of the rebels to switch allegiance to him. Kadyrov became wealthy with his own private zoo and expensive racing horses. Kadyrov turned Chechnya into a Putin worshipping nation. Fly into the capital and you see Putin’s face on billboards, and the terminal gates have huge portraits of Putin. Over the years, when Putin needed hitmen to take out his critics (for instance, Boris Nemtsov, Anna Politkovskaya, & Natalia Estemirova), Chechen hit men did it for him. When he needed Russian troops in the Crimea & Ukraine, Chechen troops publicly volunteered, took off their uniforms and went in for Putin. Kadyrov publicly declared, “We declare to the whole world that we are the foot soldiers of Vladimir Putin.” In the summer of 2014, he declared his desire to send 74,000 Chechen fighters to the Ukraine for Putin. Kadyrov ordered his men to kidnap Ukrainian lawmakers and bring them to Chechniya. I know it seems strange that an Islamic country like Chechnya could declare Sharia law, permit polygamy, etc. and worship Putin. Truth is stranger than fiction.

REALIZING CONTRADICTORY TRUTHS. It has been realized by some that it is a high level of thinking—genius level so to speak—to see both sides of a coin—to hold what seeming are opposite truths that function in tandem. Russia’s primary propaganda media tool, the global news network called RT is a good example of this. (The U.S. govt. creating & arming ISIS, while claiming to fight them is another pertinent example.) RT began as Russia Today, but for some reason began operating officially by its initials. It’s slogan is “RT: for the Second Opinion”. And indeed many in America & Europe appreciate getting good info beyond what our controlled media gives us. It helps us get more perspective on reality. The German anti-immigration group Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, or in German Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes), who marches against the “Islamization of the West”, loves Putin’s RT. (In spite of ISIS declaring a death sentence for PEGIDA’s leader, they had a 10,000 person demonstration in Sept. ’15.) Yet, while RT gives us a second view on things…it does not for Russians. It serves as a mouthpiece for Putin’s govt. (even though RT denies this obvious fact). Putin told it to break “the Anglo-Saxon monopoly on global information streams”, when he was at its Moscow Zubovsky Blvd. studio in 2013.
RT America is HQed in Wash. D.C. and has had people like Larry King (of CNN) working for them. Liz Wahl in 3/14 publicly resigned on air because she said RT whitewashed Putin’s acts with propaganda. Abby Martin, another Amer. working for RT also criticized it in a similar fashion.

Putin portrays himself as riding a bear, or being a bear. He is a bear standing up to the NWO. Yet, in many ways Russia is part of the whole thing. For example, Putin wanted to be part of the WTO. Now bear in mind, Russian intelligence has long known about Amer.’s t.b.m.c. & the Illuminati. How much have they exposed? You will notice they have never advertised my books. Hitler also spoke against the international bankers, and yet it was bankers & businessmen who gave the money to bring him to power. You can see that he would say one thing against the bankers, and do something else. While it is nice that Putin seems to be the agent to stop the New World Order…if you have followed my articles, you are aware that there is a bigger picture.

THE CONTEXT THAT PUTIN OPERATES WITHIN. Russia has had strong despotic leaders for a long time. Putin is functioning in a nation that prides itself on having strong leaders. When you have a crippled economy that malfunctions, it makes your strong military, which does function, a source of pride. So taking over the Crimea gave Russia an economic liability, but allowed it to look tough. Since Russia already has an unrepairable bungled economy, it felt good to look tough by annexing it, no matter what the cost. Putin is not the first dictator to use an external enemy to distract from economic problems. The next step may be to seize land to create a land bridge to the Crimea and Moldova at the Ukraine’s expense. Putin’s personality and his image will not allow him to back down & retreat. Like Hitler, Putin does not believe in retreat. He has a program of obostreniye (обострение) or in English “exacerbation” where you continue to wear down your opponent. Consequently, you see Russian military planes threaten European civilian jets, and their military jets intruding into Japanese air space. Putin is projecting his power, just as he is doing now in Syria. But let me tell you, the Russian combat soldiers in WW 2 fought for change. They expected that Stalin would allow positive change to happen, & they also saw firsthand that war solves nothing. (I am not talking about the golden peacocks, the generals.) The common people of Russia who survived WW 2 did not want to repeat the widespread death & suffering. (The leaders like Khrushchev, who was not in the cold trenches seeing all one’s friends horribly mutilated, of course, continued to be hawkish.)

WISDOM FROM AN AMERICAN VET OF HORRIFIC FIGHTING IN THE PACIFIC IN WW2. This Amer. vet probably says it the best that I have heard. He said, “I’ll tell you candidly, I’m a tough cookie, but I have tears in my eyes as I reflect on the guys that were left there…for what? For what? The only definition of learning is when you change your way of doing things in the future. If you change your ways, you’ve learned something. We haven’t learned a g*.*n thing. It’s still going on.”

My point is this: Putin is not America’s biggest threat. Our leaders who despise our legacy of liberty and our Constitution are the big threat. And these leaders are willing to get us into war, just like Obama, with his mouth today, threatening Putin over the Russian military jet shot down. While Obama pledged to get us out of wars, he did the opposite. He did gut much of our military power, which will encourage Putin to push us around, because Putin understands power…he doesn’t understand the wisdom that this vet learned from seeing the overwhelming sensation of experiencing your friends shredded by mortars, & those who survived the combat turn to suicide to escape the nightmares. A young vet of Afghanistan just told me about a friend, another vet, a young man, who just committed suicide. Putin, and the new generation of Russians need to feel macho & powerful. They need to bully others to feel good, like doing a cyber attack on the little nation of Estonia. It is why Putin is willing to break nuclear disarmament treaties (1987 Intermediate Range…) and buddy up to China. Making China an ally, makes Putin look even stronger. But again, he has done that at an economic cost. He has made economic agreements with China which benefit China. Just as Obama is a threat to America, Putin in the long run is a threat to Russia. His nation needs to build an infrastructure, instead of continuing the incredible looting of Russia by Putin’s friends. Putin himself is valued at over $40 billion. And his billionaire friends, after looting Russia, make sure they place their money in the West, even though they all go along with criticizing the West. No, it seems mankind hasn’t learned a thing. We still have the same kind of leaders that ancient Rome endured; do we have a Spartacus among us?* (*Explanation of who was Spartacus…)
(*Note: Spartacus was a Roman gladiator slave who escaped & freed the slaves of the Roman empire; then turned these slaves into a successful army that repeatedly defeated the Roman legions. Taking his army to the foot of the Alps, he was unable to convince his ex-slaves to escape. Returning to Italy, they were eventually wiped out, and the last 6,000 slaves, who were captured, were crucified like Christ on the Appian Way.)



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