PROTECTION IN SP. WAR. For those of us faithful remnant, if we don’t understand the “wiles of the devil”, he can surprise attack us & defeat what should have been a winning situation. It is essential to forewarn believers so that they are not overwhelmed by a surprise attack. Never underestimate the enemy, as he goes about looking for whom he can devour. As some have said, forewarning is forearming & half the battle. For instance, the Roman legions were almost impossible to defeat, but there were two incredible complete defeats that large Roman forces received from smaller forces that surprised them; in 53 B.C. a 10,000 man army Parthian cavalry surrounded 40,000 invading legionaries, and using a new type of penetrating arrowhead, tore the Roman force to shreds…only 10,000 Roman soldiers got back; in 9 A.D. while the Roman army of about 25,000 legionnaires were stretched out for 12 miles going through the Teutoburg Forest, German tribesmen surprised attacked from hidden fortified positions in the forest. Only around 5,000 Romans survived. In both battles the victors had minimal casualties, & the Roman defeats were total w/ their top commanders losing their heads as war trophies. This is why we are warned that if we think we stand to take heed lest we fall!!
If we are to deal with spiritual powers, we need to learn about spiritual weapons. This post will discuss the first piece of spiritual armor mentioned in Ephesian 6—TRUTH. The orig. words say, “Stand therefore, having girded your loins about with truth.” Note, first one stands strong as a soldier: “stand fast in the faith” 1 COR 16:13. Next, one must put the belt—the girdle—on oneself. “Every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.” Purifying oneself with truth is an act of doing, not a passive activity. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” Jude 3 (cf. 2 Tim 1:13,14) Young men often risk their lives over foolish things, so why not for the truth? Next, we see the belt of truth goes on the body’s core (the loins). Weak loins make a weak man.DT 33:11 We fasten the truth to our innermost parts & protect our vulnerable parts. Finally, we note the belt consists of truth! The enemy is a liar, who sows doubt, strive & confusion. The Serpent comes as a cunning false teacher to deceive & rob the truth. We need to establish truth before he attacks. If we let truth mold us, then our lives will resemble truth.
If we don’t desire (love) the truth, we have rejected it already. “Let us draw near with a true heart.” HEB 10:22 ” …and serve him in sincerity & in truth.” JOSH 24:14 That is why one prophet said, “I have walked before thee in truth.” ISA 38:3 The truth gets God’s approval; after all, the Word of God equates truth w/ God Almighty, Christ, the Gospel & YHWH God’s commandments. The Love of the Truth is what the Word says will save us. Failure to walk with God in truth & love can bring guilt & misery.
Some final thoughts: Christ had a golden girdle (REV 1:13), which makes me realize we need to put genuine belts on…not imitations. We are to buy the truth & sell it not. (PRV 23:23.) Truth itself ennobles, it is a mark of honor.(cf ISA 63:4) There are stories of several sincere men, who honestly loved their Creator, but made mistakes…yet as sincere men like Job, they were cut some slack by the Creator. Others may be ready to condemn a brother for his obvious sin, yet God may see his sincerity; we see an example of this in Asa. “But the high places were not taken away out of Israel: nevertheless the heart of [King] Asa was perfect all his days” 2 CHR 15:17 “If our heart condemn us not, then we have confidence toward God.” 1 JN 3:21
Where do we gain spiritual power?? What is the first thing we strap on to go into spiritual battle?? Truth and sincerity that goes to the core of our being. It will eventually win.


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