This post focuses on glycation, a process that ages & diseases us, which we contribute to everyday! How often have I witnessed persons complaining their doctor isn’t doing enough, while the person actively destroys himself! We have been witnessing the historic externalization of the hierarchy via these posts, we do a type of externalization ourselves, externalization of the problem where we blame others, but largely fail to help ourselves.

As I pondered today’s state of affairs: the Illum. setting up a meeting in Vienna for early this week to deal with the new Cold War, then the ongoing controversy over Internet surveillance involving Snowden, Putin, Russia, the NSA & CIA and Google…not to mention Apple w/ their IPhone, IPad, Notebook, IPed & more selling their customer data to the NSA & CIA, big business, and literally anyone with money…cont. steps towards transhumanism…flight 370…the noise of the World…the beat goes on. But in all this noise, & it’s a big but, we’re missing the focus Christ taught us. He said our first priority is what is on the inside, not the external. (MT 23:25-26 & many others). If we prioritized the external, & neglected the internal, we could gain the entire World, and yet if we lost ourselves, what have we gained?? Christ was just repeating what in his time was ancient wisdom: “Man looks on the outward appearance [“she’s a babe!”/”that fried food looks great”], but the LORD looks on the heart [“she’s a Jezebel!”/”that fried food is toxic!]. The ancient wisdom says: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” JN 7:24.

Our 1st priority is taking care of the internal. This wise concept has many applications. Today’s app is glycation which is caused by eating sugar & fried foods. Let’s look at what a sugar molecule in the blood acts like…it is truly nasty, for it sticks to things like proteins like someone’s already chewed bubble-gum sticks to your sandal. And there is no way to detach it. Hemoglobin molecules, proteins & fat molecules are just stuck moving around with that big ole nasty gum-like wad of sugar attached for their lifetime! The best example of glycation is Diabetes II…which is a visible example of the same glycation that occurs in all of us non-diabetics who eat sugar & fried foods. That sticky sugar ball & chain makes it impossible for the once sleek protein to enter into a capillary…and we have circulatory problems. Further, the browning effect of frying also creates glycated proteins.

When we eat glycated proteins, voi-lah, glycotoxins are created (glyco=sugar, & toxins=yeah…toxins!). Glycotoxins doesn’t sound technical enough so they also use an acronym AGE’s=advanced glycation end products. It’s a useful acronym: AGEs go all over the body and age you! How? Since losers attract each other, all these glycotoxic molecules find each other and link up into one sticky gooey insoluble mass, as if someone dumped a water bucket of superglue onto a pile-on of football players. That really messes up the game in your body. Glycated proteins also generate free-radicals, which in turn do more damage. No wonder raw foods are so healthy.

ANSWERS. Shoot the messenger & die in ignorant bliss. Another is to supplement the body’s inadequate amounts of carnosine to prevent glycation. If you add 1,000 mg. of carnosine to your diet you may protect your body parts and may help prevent death by bacon. Carnosine also has the technical name dipeptide. Cooking in crock pots also avoids glycation. (Some cultures have used pots a lot.)

Mr. Van Duyn’s aide (yes, an Illum. mmbr), in a discussion w/me in reference to people surviving the upcoming hard times wrote me,”I have to agree with you about the healthy way of life. If man & woman would support their local farming and avoid ‘junk food’ & ‘junk drinks’, I can guarantee that in one decade the huge ‘controlling’ companies (like Procter & Gamble, Monsanto, Kraft foods, Dole, McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s & Coca-Cola) would suffer.”

TO SUM THIS UP: 1 JN 3:3, “Every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.” Let us remove these beams & sticky balls first in ourselves, before we think about cleaning the external ones.


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