This post is to provide some of the agenda of the Great Plan that the Illuminati leaders are working to carry out, and to describe recent events in line with those agenda points.

An Illuminati documents states, “To provoke a collapse of the world economy and thus create total political chaos.” Currently, we see a crisis over Greece defaulting on its debt. Some informed observers have concluded the string pullers of the EU (i.e. the Illuminati) have quietly wanted Greece to have this crisis. While the common Greeks struggle to survive, the Greek govt. is trying to decide if it wants to take 30% of bank deposits over 8,000 Euros. Following in Greece’s path, Puerto Rico will soon default on its $72 billion debt.

The Fed’s U.S. dollar survives its poor fiscal policies because it is the world’s reserve currency. It & Japan have the top voting power in the World Bank, and the U.S. also has limited veto power in the World Bank. BRICS has just chartered a rival to the World Bank called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which may begin functioning towards the end of 2015. The bank will be HQed in Shanghai & Beijing. China is the largest shareholder, then India, & then Russia (w/ 65,362 shares). This BRICS rival to the World Bank has a $100 billion currency reserve fund. Europe’s economic giants like Ger., France, & the U.K. are also participating in this new bank. The AIIB is also part of the steps China is taking to become one of the world reserve currencies for large transactions, like gas/oil purchases. Meanwhile, China continues to show that it is more of an economic basket case than most people realize: its stock market bubble is in the middle of collapsing, and a group of 21 brokerage firms led by Citic Securities Co. is going to attempt to prop the Chinese stock market up by investing $19.3 billion. The Shanghai Composite Index has lost 28%…the Shenzhen Index (China’s Market’s equivalent to the Nasdaq) lost 33%…and their index for small Chinese companies, the ChiNext index has lost 33%. Considering the shakiness of China’s economy, let’s just remember the Illum. goal is to have a global crash! China is not exempt from the planned crash.

OVERWHELMING THE POPULACE. One goal is to create so many crises, that the people feel overwhelmed from it all incl. the difficult decisions they have to make. The controllers want to teach us to leave all these crises to be dealt by a socialist Big Brother type govt. This is why we see such things as Ebola, terrorism and ISIS. These problems are perceived as so large that supposedly only a govt. could deal with them. They have creating an Asteroid scare as part of this overwhelming agenda. The final crisis—that may be played is the Alien Invasion. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed—well now you know you were supposed to be!

ELIMINATE COMPETITION. Two other agenda points are to eliminate all rival secret societies, and to eliminate religious fundamentalism (such as true Bible believing Christians). If one wants to see a foretaste of all this…look at what Nazi Germany did. This explains the recent Supreme Ct. ruling on homosexual “marriage”. The Bible is being set up to be branded a “hate book”. You will also note that various secret lodge systems are being phased out. Perhaps one of the more tragic of these developments that follows what happened during the Nazi years is that Christians are by & large going along with the World Order’s agenda…in fact, often in many ways participating & assisting it.

One of the items that I was wanting to expose from the Hitler years was that not only the two state churches in Germany (the Lutherans & Catholics) did not take a united stand against Nazism, but independent denominations such as the Seventh Day Adventist church actively supported the Nazi agenda. SDA schools taught Nazi curriculums, and the official German Adventist periodical “Der Adventbote” made pro-Nazi comments like the following quote: “…the National Socialist Revolution was the greatest of all time, because it made the maintenance of a pure inheritance the basis of its ethnic life.” Another official publication of the SDA church in Germany described Hitler as courageous and “In Christian humility, at important times when he could celebrate with his people, he gave God in Heaven honour and recognized his dependence upon God’s blessings. This humility has made him [Hitler] great, and this greatness was the source of blessing, from which he always gave for his people.” Of course this was written before Germany began losing WW2. In return for the SDA Adventist church supporting him, Hitler allowed them to continue to keep their Sabbath.

The German SDA branch, on behalf of the Hitler regime, sent representatives to the American SDA church to encourage them to also support Hitler. The SDA church referred to the eugenics program requiring sterilization of those deemed unfit by the Nazi govt. as “a great advance in the uplifting of our people”. Likewise today, we see many independent denominations, who support whatever agenda items the World Order carries out. Churches praise Obama, and they applaud the Supreme Ct. gay marriage ruling. Some ministers will only marry homosexuals, and not heterosexuals. My point here is that the destruction & persecution of true Christian believers is not accidently happening…but is a well thought out program that will use all kinds of Christian leaders & denominations.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a short look at four of the Illum. hierarchy’s top 34 agenda items.



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