This post is a clarification of what happened yesterday in regards to my pursuit of information on the Illuminati. In line with their own discussions to be more open, they have decided to make me their choice of persons to do that. As of yesterday April 27, 2014, with their permission, I will be granted certain documents & answers to my questions. At this time, their information agreement is exclusively to me. For years, I have relentlessly pursued an understanding of these people, and as they know, took great risk to do it. They acknowledged to me that risk, as well as their admiration that I was fearless. I think they also realize that I move forward with love in my heart, not malice, and hope the best for everyone.

THEIR OPENESS DOES NOT CHANGE WHO I AM AS A PERSON. They know my position as a Christian. They probably know it as well as myself, because they acknowledge studying my entire background, even the spook files on me; and as long time readers know just from reading my posts, I love my Lord Jesus Christ (or as I prefer, Yahshua ha Messiach). I will continue to pray and serve Him, for Christ is my life. This new role as a conduit of information to the public is simply a shift in how the info is obtained…now it will be obtained with permission. I am very thankful for the example of Daniel in the Scripture…giving me some wise direction on how to proceed when the King gives you favor. Again, we have the example of Joseph, who after suffering in prison was given favor. A number of you have begun to notice that these elite are personally watching you…personally watching all of us. They have to make decisions. And now I speak simply from my own observations, and from what I observed before they started this new openness…to point out that all “wacko religious fundamentalists” (I use the term from a worldly perspective) are seen as people who can’t be reasoned with who cause trouble. So I have no doubt they look at us and wonder…just like the King of Babylon with Daniel’s strange eating & praying habits. They wonder and watch. And we have a responsibility, because our own Lord will also be our Judge, of every idle word we say and idle attitude we cop.

LOVE & RESPECT. One thing life & Scripture repeatedly teach me is that agape love & respect accomplish more benefits than an adversarial relationship with hate, distrust & disrespect. Anyone who has been in a relationship should know this. I can see that some people prefer hate, distrust & disrespect…and will reject me because I don’t want to go there with them. That is their choice. I know I am on Scriptural ground to move forward in agape love which itself automatically comes with respect. You can accept that or reject me, God grants you the choice.

CONCERNS. Many good hearted people have concerns for this world. You want your concerns addressed. The people who God led in the Exodus under the leadership of Moses had concerns. It is one thing to have concerns…it is another to have a grumbling complaining attitude. Go back & study that historical exodus. Some of their concerns were legit—BUT God did not tolerate their bad attitudes at all. He came down very hard on their bad attitudes of complaining. Ester had big concerns, but she was wise in her approach. People with power are still people. Put yourself in their shoes and see what they deal with, and what must go on in their minds. There are wise approaches to those in power, and there are whiny complaining approaches that will even tick God off!

WORDS LIKE “HOLIER THAN THOU” & “SUCCESS” DON’T APPEAR in the NT SCRIPTURE. If we are sensitive to the Spirit, we learn that what is sacred (a synonym for holy) is important to God, not our worldly success. If we pay attention, we realize that being in the Kingdom of God means coming under His rulership…”Obey what I command you today.” EX 34:10-11. Perhaps my favorite verses along this line are: “…fulfill my joy by being like-minded…Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…” PHL 2:2-5 And on that thought I will end this post.


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