This post verges on being a duty to write for the countless children who have been brutalized & raped by the elite on their exclusive residences, & it is also in line with the public’s growing awareness that the royalty of Europe are involved in both pedophilia & Satanism. Today’s child victims will unfortunately become tomorrow’s abusers. And the circle of abuse is growing. For the children & for the good of our future…

For many centuries, offenses against the King of England & his family were labeled treason (broken into high treason & petty treason). Since the 1300’s (if not before), the population were conditioned on penalty of death, to say & think only good things about their king & queen. In the London of Shakespeare’s day, a traveler coming to London would see one pole after another along the road (much as we have telephone poles strung for miles) each sporting the head of someone who did something like criticize the King. The King’s family also come under the treason laws, so when James Hewitt had a sexual affair with Princess Di, he legally committed treason punishable by death. He was allowed to slide. It’s no surprise then that the British bow down & worship their royalty, they endured after all 1,700 yrs. of severe conditioning to prevent negative thoughts; plus the power of British royalty has been unequaled. The Royalty of England, the Netherlands, & Belgium have been wealthy. The Queen of England is said to own 6,600 million acres of land. She is not only the head of the U.K. but head over something like 31 other nations & territories around the world. The point is that British royalty have been above criticism. And yet, a common law court hearing evidence has recently indicted/convicted the Queen for pedophilia & trafficking children. (One of the participants was subsequently thrown into a mental institution in England.)

When working with people escaping the Illum., eyewitnesses repeatedly claimed the British family was into generational Satanism, even claiming to have done satanic rituals with them. They reported the royal family does orgies. One clue is how close they are to the Rothschilds. The British royalty felt comfortable allowing the Rothschild Illum. family to run the Bank of England. The Rothschild’s even to this day control it along with the British Sterling pound. The head of the House of Rothschild today is Charles Rothschild (4th Baron Charles Jacobus Nathaniel Rothschild). I exposed one of the Rothschild properties in the early 90’s which was used for satanic rituals for the Process Church, a neo-Gnostic spinoff of the OTO. About 20 miles west of Sandy Hook, Conn. is the county of Westchester (NY). The Rothschilds owned an estate there which had a church bldg. but the main mansion had burned down. That property was the eastern HQ for the Process Church (the Process Church of the Final Judgment) whose membership incl. David Berkowitz, Charlie Manson, Michael Vail Carr III, actor Bobby Beausoleil, millionaire (& sex. slave owner) Andrew Crispo, Dorris Day’s son, Beach Boy’s drummer Dennis Wilson, John Philips (of the Mamas & Papas) & Jimmy Savile.

And Jimmy Savile (Sir James Savile ’26-2011) brings us back to the British Royal family! Insiders say Jimmy pimped children to be used sexually by royalty for their parties. Again, this is testimony & while testimony is all one is going to get in these kind of sexual crimes, it would be nice to have a paper trail. That is where I appreciate the graciousness of my friend Mario who loaned me the bound volume of the Process Church’s 4 main thematic magazines which were orig. printed in England by CAPS printing for The Process of Balfour Place (Mayfair W.1—a bldg. w/ at least 7 floors), London, UK. Jimmy Savile talks about himself in the first thematic unit, pg. 22. Let me introduce Jimmy from other source material: Jimmy reported that he was introduced to the Br. Royal family by Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1966. That’s interesting because Lord Mountbatten is a known pedophile, as well as the mentor & uncle of Prince Charles. Later Jimmy would become Prince Charles’ mentor, close friend, & informal marriage counselor. Jimmy had Charles to his Glencoe, Scotland cottage. The Queen & the Pope both knighted Jimmy in 1990. One book quotes Jimmy saying he had basically had sex everywhere (As It Happens, pp. 138-139). He was merely a DJ & entertainer, but because he supposedly did philanthropic work with children, Jimmy had access to dozens of hospitals. He had high powered friends like Margaret Thatcher. In 1975 at the Stoke Mandeville Hosp., Jimmy raped a 12 yr. old girl while doing a satanic ritual dressed in a black hooded robe, with candles burning. Going back to the Process Church’s article, When the Process church interviewer asks, “Are you moral?” Jimmy Savile answers, “I would say that I am highly moral during the day..but of course we won’t say anything about night-time, because that is when all real wolves like myself rise from the darkness and leap about causing mayhem left & right.” The hundreds of victims repeatedly complained to the authorities of his child sexual abuse. All was covered up by the legal authorities until Savile died in 2011. After his death, the police finally investigated, saying that he had molested kids in 32 hospitals, and that they had 450 cases of sexual abuse he’d committed. That is probably the tip of the iceberg for Jimmy, and Jimmy in turn is but the tip of the iceberg of the elite’s Satanism & pedophilia.

After hearing the testimony of eyewitnesses claiming the Royal family is involved in Satanism & pedophilia, I decided to focus on finding out who the family was, and in documenting what occult connections I could. I did genealogy reports on how they descended from Black Nobility and Count Dracula (Vlad the Impaler—a genuine historical figure). Since publishing my genealogy work showing how Prince Charles is related to Vlad, the Prince has been quite public about his Transylvania connections. He bought two houses in Transylvania. Romania’s tourist bureau has using Charles’ connections to enliven tourists. I also showed how the Royal Family has provided leadership for Freemasonry. The Queen is the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry & her husband a ranking Freemason. The Queen’s father King George VI was a P. Grand Master. Currently the Duke of Kent is the family’s highest Freemason.

What we have learned is that there is a paper trail on Jimmy Savile’s Process Church participation. There is undeniable evidence & eyewitnesses that link him closely with the Br. Royal family. The Br. Royal family have been leaders in Freemasonry, and are descended from the Black Nobility and the orig. Count Dracula (Vlad the Impaler). Lots of testimony & circumstantial evidence leads one to believe that the Royal family has a secret occult side to them that is nasty. As good Illuminati members they strive to balance their good deeds with their bad deeds. Expect the Br. Monarchy to continue to do positive things, as they prepare to take more power, & cont. to be predators.


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