This is a post about the power of the elite, and its limitations. Don’t forget the King has power over your head (& if it stays on yr. shoulder) but not your heart. And power can be fear based or love based. As I have said on numerous occasions evil contains the seed of its own destruction.

In the Middle Ages, Venice (a city state with an empire), to insure that the elite stayed in power, its govt. in 1315 published the Libro D’Oro (Book of Gold), which officially registered all the Venetian nobility, so that those in power would stay in power. In the end, these rich powerful oligarchs ran Venice’s power into the ground by not sharing it, thereby eliminating their own power.

In China, the new crop of super-rich billionaires are generally people who are relatives of power. For instance, Li Peng was China’s premier from ’87-’98; his family are wealthy from utilities. Peng’s daughter Li Xiaopeng (note the family surname comes first in Chinese names) is the CEO of China Power International Development and is nicknamed “China’s Power Queen”. His son Li Xiaopeng manages the nation’s largest generator firm. Another former premier (Zhu Yunlai) has a son who is an investment banker. Most of the billionaires in China got their wealth through real estate using govt. connections, like Wang Jianlin. The banks are state-controlled so it is also important to have powerful friends in govt. to get loans. A similar thing happens in India, where those with connections to power have opportunities given to them to make large amounts of money. Further, the super-rich form a class of power, and they are increasingly globalists in their thinking & actions.

Norman Dodd (of the ’53-‘54 Reece Committee) had an interesting conversation in Nov. 1953 with Herman Edelsberg. Who was Norman Dodd?? Some of you may remember from my Bloodlines book or talks that Dodd was helping a congressional investigation into the elite & the elite’s foundations’ un-American activities. While he was not investigating the ADL, bear in mind the elite use the ADL as a weapon against those who would expose the elite, by claiming they are anti-Semitic no matter what the facts are. Even Jews exposing the World elite get branded “anti-Semitic”, so it is no surprise I also got the label when I first began exposing the Illuminati. Edelsberg was part of the ADL, but what he said to Dodd about power was clearly describing the Illuminati elite he worked for. He said this elite had amassed so much power that it would destroy themselves. Let’s quote some of the conversation that was permanently etched on Dodd’s memory:

Edelsberg: “We will exercise our power and it will destroy us, but it will destroy everything else in the process.”
Dodd: “Mr. Edelsberg, that really is a helluva problem.”
Edelsberg: “As we exercise our power from here on out, we’re going to get closer & closer to the surface & somebody’s going to get very curious and pick up the end of the string and follow the string & he’s going to find himself at our door.”

At the height of Napoleon’s & Hitler’s power, they overplayed themselves by attacking Russia. In the Middle Ages, the Pope had the Worldly power to enrich the church by lying & selling indulgences. When the church abused their power, Martin Luther challenged them, and long story short, the church lost the northern half of Europe to the Reformation. This gave Luther the chance to translate & give the German people a Bible in German (instead of their Latin Vulgate authorized by the Catholic Church). The common people, who were basically illiterate, began to read, & once they were reading they began to read all kinds of books. Few people today realize the power of God’s Word transformed Germany into a literate, educated nation.

This has been a short post to cause us to realize that World’s power has limitations, & that the power of love & God’s Word, which have blessed every nation are often not noticed & neglected. This helps us appreciate why the Word warns us that power will fail, but love lives into eternity.


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