Recently, the Pope & some of his astronomers have made public statements about E.T.s, in a way reminiscent of the church debates 5 centuries ago about whether the newly discovered savages of the New World were humans like Europeans with a soul or on some other level like a chimp. This post is an analysis of the significance of Pope Francis’s statements on E.T.s. During my lifetime, it is obvious that Hollywood has been used to prepare the masses for the arrival of E.T.s. Oftentimes, the movies have been fear based, & have humanity trying to fend off an invasion. Others showed benevolent E.T.s; for instance, in my youth, there was the sitcom about a friendly Martian called “My Favorite Martian” that ran from ’63 to ‘66. And now the Pope prepares people.

The Pope & those close to him are not going to carelessly shoot their mouths off. He heads up 1.2 billion members of the Catholic Church, & he knows that whatever he says is going to affect the lives of many people. He also knows that whatever he says will be reported worldwide. And he is close to the top of the World’s power structure. This last Tues. (13 May, 2014), Pope Francis discussed about E.T.s that are close to us. ” ‘If … an expedition of Martians arrives and some of them come to us … and if one of them says: ‘Me, I want to be baptised!’, what would happen?” the pontiff jokingly speculated during Tuesday’s morning mass. The church turns no one away, he confirmed, not even extraterrestrials.” (UK Guardian, 5/14, online post.)

In 2008, the Pope’s chief astronomer, José Gabriel Funes, publicly accepted that there could be life on other planets. “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’?” he said. “It would still be part of creation.” Aliens might even be closer to God than us, Funes suggested, and humans could be the “lost sheep” of the universe. [The report goes on…] “In other words, alien visitors might well have a more advanced religion than ours. Rather than baptizing them, we might want to convert to their faith.” There is plenty of significance to statements like this. It is alluding to a situation where E.T.s might lead us! It is not the only time that Vatican officials have said that E.T.s are probably closer to God than we are. Statements like this, also suggest that they are made in reference to something tangible. Recently, another papal astronomer, Guy Consolmago in front of students also spoke of the existence of E.T.s & that he would baptize one if it asked. This clarifies the current papal view, that these aliens are being theologically placed on the same level or higher than humans.

HOW WILL THE OTHER RELIGIONS REACT? Hinduism & Buddhism, Mormonism & Scientology already have thinking that would accept E.T.s. What about other groups? The U.N. has recognized officially the 6 religions the Illuminati want to have continue: The Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Sunni Moslems, & Judaism to name four. So how will they respond to the concept of E.T.s ?? For Moslems, the Qur’an hints at the existence of ETs. Verse 12, Chapt. 65 states: “Allah it is who hath created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof”, a line some have interpreted as suggesting 7 heavens & 7 Earths, which begs the question, who lives on the other 6? For Anglicans (aka Episcopalians, aka Church of England) there have been statements by leaders like C.S. Lewis that make them amenable to the idea of E.T.s also. Official JW doctrine would accept E.T.s. While modern Jehovah’s Witnesses are out of touch w/ official statements made earlier by the Watchtower Society, these statements have never been renounced. The WT Society has stated that God is an E.T. and that their WT magazines are based on E.T. messages. Judaism has the story of Jacob’s Ladder in Genesis 28:10-22, where Jacob dreams of climbing a ladder into heaven & meeting God, who tells him to spread his seed over the Earth. This might be compared to an alien abduction experience. Ezekiel’s abduction sounds like a spacecraft. And the lights that guided Moses have been held to be UFOs. William Bromley’s book “The God’s of Eden” discusses these Biblical events, and others, and gives details in line with the concept that UFOs & ETs have been around humanity watching & occasionally taking part in events.

The following questions are mere speculation: How many people would view aliens as part of Project Bluebeam? How many people would accept aliens? What would the arrival of aliens do to human religions? When might aliens arrive? On the last question, I will venture some pure speculation. Whether for good or bad, the most likeliest point for good or bad E.T.s to arrive is when humankind is destroying itself & suffering terribly…either to rescue us or take advantage of our weakness to finish us off. Therefore based on speculative logic, the arrival of the Pope’s E.T.s could happen after the upcoming horrible tribulation that mankind is facing.

As a final curiosity, I have some links to the strange elongated skulls that are on display in Ecuador & Chile. Modern religious leaders in the region wear caps today to imitate such elongated conical shaped heads. These large skulls seriously make us wonder about what has gone on in human history?? http://i2.wp.com/therundownli…/…/uploads/2014/02/paracas.jpg

This link shows a comparison w/ a human skull:
This link shows elongated skulls in a museum that have hair. Chuck Horton who just got back from a fact finding trip to Ecuador saw some like these in a museum in Quito.

Stay grounded in reality….and HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY MY FRIEND!



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