An overview of the plans for global governance. Some readers will already be aware of the plans described here. With the Internet, global communications & trade, along with global control mechanisms, small mini-states can be created without subtracting from the ability for the global One World Government to manage things globally.

MINI-STATES. This concept embodies self-determination (& egalitarianism) and has gotten great attention by the world’s controllers. One of the early prominent places this idea was broadcast was Pres. Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points speech given on Jan. 8, 1918. Wilson addressed the world using the new medium of radio. He declared America was fighting for people to have self-determination. By the way, Wilson was a Freemason (as well as his vice-president Marshal & his two opponents in the presidential election Teddy Roosevelt & Taft). His mentor/advisor was Edward M. House, an Illuminati member, whose father (Thomas) was believed to be a Rothschild agent. The reaction by British & French leaders was that Wilson’s ideas were idealistic (& not practical to them). The Treaty of Versailles, which ended the war, basically ignored Wilson’s 14 points, which he had received from Col. Edward House & House’s researchers. House was involved with the adoption of the Federal Reserve. True governance worldwide is by the big bankers. The Fed has controlled our govt. & finances since it was created. The point is that self-determination was an ideal of the Illuminati, although not to be implemented after WW 1. We have watched the world move towards self-determination with the breakup of Yugoslavia, the breakup of the USSR, and Scotland & Wales getting autonomy. The process will continue with other mini-ethnic states being created in Europe and Asia. In the U.S., we have a few areas that could well be turned into mini-states, for instance: Alaska, Pacifica (BC, WA, & OR & maybe parts of ID), and Angelica (Mexican parts of the so. US: so. CA, AZ, NM, & the El Paso area of TX). The creation of Angelica seems to be a natural event, as many illegal Mexican immigrants to America view the SW states as stolen from Mexico. Many people in the area speak Spanish, and yet many in those states don’t want to be part of Mexico either.

REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS. Reports by prominent geographers have stated that we can expect regional blocs to form under a global govt. Mini-states & normal size states (now nations) will be united in 10 regions. We have already seen NAFTA (w/ Canada, the USA, & Mexico), and the EU (uniting European nations). Various maps & reports have come out over the last 30 years. I reported on a very credible one around 1991. I would expect the 10 regional governments to be as follows: North America (note how Obama is clearing up things with Cuba), South America, Europe, Arab north Africa, and the Middle East & Islamic republics of so. USSR. India (& its subcontinent), China w/ SE Asia (which will have a unified currency), Japan, and Australia with NZ and oceania.

While I am not a globalist, and believe that Christians should expose & oppose the creation of a single World Order government…. I also am practical that it would be an enormous feat for a person or group of persons to slow down the global moves towards World Government. Though difficult, we have also seen other difficult moves opposing their agenda that have succeeded, for instance, Common Core is being seriously challenged here in Oregon…& other states.


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