Policy Planning Groups (aka nonprofit think tanks) 31 MAY 2013

Policy Planning Groups (aka nonprofit think tanks): Quietly shaping U.S. policy.

My 1991 “Be Wise As Serpents” book exposed the method the Illuminati uses to create policies for this nation. The Policy Planning Groups (which I grouped in 3 levels of influence) provide supposedly accurate unbiased research to the U.S. govt.; & the tomes these private groups produce look serious but are not really impartial as the conclusions are decided by the Illuminati prior to any study being done. Some of you may remember from my talks that the studies which these groups publish are tomes that even researchers like myself would not wade through. Therefore the conclusions & recommendations of their studies are what people really look at because the reports snow the reader with so many details (in other words “BS them to death” to use the street vernacular).

Here in review are examples from the different levels: Level 1-Exec. Committee of Jason Group, Level 2- Council on Foreign Relations, and Level 3-The Rand Corporation.

An example of a study by a Policy Planning Group was the Heritage House’s “Mandate For Leadership”, a 22 volume tome, which the Reagan Administration treated as its Bible. 65% of the Mandates recommendations were acted on by the Reagan Administration. I exposed in an article about Paul Weyrich & his founding of the Heritage House. Richard Mellon Scaife of the elite Mellon family gave lots of money to the Heritage House. Illuminati philanthropists have given lots of money to get the policy planning groups going. Or to say it another way, the elite families run these Policy Planning Groups. What was one (or two) of the Mandate’s recommendations? The National Missile Defense project & the Strategic Defense Initiative. Their recommendations crippled the FDA and the EPA. The Heritage House has a veneer of Christianity to it. Its 2000 budget was $38 million.

The Hudson Institute, orig. funded & founded by the elite via the Adolph Coor Foundation, has a tainted board of directors, and receives lots of money from pharmaceuticals and biotech food companies like Mansanto. It is no surprise then that they have recommended to the govt. to support GM foods!

Let’s survey some other think tanks: The RAND Corp. is another policy planning group, which is the brains of the U.S. military. Then years ago, I was surprised to discover that the Chamber of Commerce is used by the Illuminati, so I had to expose them in an article. The Chamber of Commerce created in 1943 a Policy Planning Group called American Enterprise Institute.
Another one, The Brookings Institute, is perhaps the most media quoted Policy Planning Group. The CFR, which is well known by conspiracy buffs and was exposed in some of my books, is extremely powerful. Whether a president is democrat or republican, you can count on them being CFR.

So this post is just a reminder that these “think tanks” are just elaborate covers for conclusions that were decided by TPTSNB before the Policy Planning Groups even go to work researching.


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