Pillars in the Temple of Neofeudal Tyranny 21 APR 2013

Pillars in the Temple of Neofeudal Tyranny. Fear & Force & Falsehoods are the names of 3 center pillars in the Temple of Neofeudal Tyranny. Samson, taken captive by the betrayal of his love, brought down the Temple of his captives by pushing against only two pillars of a massive multipillared edifice. (Judges 16:29)

The mass media is what constructs their ability to deceive. Recently we got political theater & the people cheering & chanting. Good theater. “Scream people how great this democracy is as they strip the last vestiges of freedom from you!” That was what the theater w/ the emperor with no clothes (yet so happy & proud) was about. The mass media are a big part of their Pillar of Falsehoods supporting their Building of Illusion. We, yes WE, now have our own media—their Internet! Hooray for social media. Their newspapers & nightly news only work if people pay attention & trust them. You know their Pillar of Falsehoods has weak joints in it when the insider & veteran CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg got so disgusted that he risk his life & lost his career to expose the lies of his own people, the friends & co-workers he had spent decades working with in the elites’ media. His book is Bias. He makes an interesting point, that Dan Rather & the rest of the media elite are totally out of touch with the common people, & don’t even want to talk to or know the common people. Because the media moguls only associate with elitists of the System, Goldberg says they don’t even realize how biased they are. They think everyone civilized has their PC ideas & values. I notice that the political & corporate elite are just as distant from the common people. If not, they would have listened to the Occupy Movement, and rather than laughing at how the Occupy people stunk, they might have realized that their greedy policies stink, but like everyone they can’t smell how bad their own stuff stinks! So they ignored the common people & made no attempt to address any of their issues. Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase & Co. & countless other greedy elite can continue to pillage us, w/ the blessing of the politicians the PTSNB have bought. And they can continue to make donations like the recent $4.6 million JP Morgan Chase gave to the NY City Police Federation.

Police are part of the pillars of Fear & Force. How I remember helicopters, armored vehicle, snipers & squads of paramilitary police raiding my property. An FBI agent handcuffed my hands behind a chair, & began screaming at me (in my underwear) very close to my face. Two thoughts quickly flashed into my mind…he doesn’t know the first thing about me, & secondly, he has watched too many movies. Finding nothing to incriminate me with, they demonized me with false publicity given to the media & released me. (A year later a single policeman was sent to my house to actually arrest me!) So when I saw hundreds of paramilitary police w/ armored vehicles & helicopters sent to arrest a single young man & Boston put on lockdown and paramilitary police going house to house it brought back memories for sure. And a sense of sadness comes upon me knowing that they are free to torture him, & that they will do with him what they want. But tyrants are only brave when they have more power. When the cruel Romanian dictator Ceausescu held a rally where he thought people would worship him as usual, he became a mouse when all of a sudden the crowd said, “Ceausescu we are the people. Down with the killer!” He tried to run. Years ago, I witnessed when a corrupt judge came into the court room & no one stood & someone on the front row said to him, “I make a citizen’s arrest of you for pedophilia.”…the man went from thinking he was god to became a mouse. So resist their Pillar of Fear. But you say, I have no power. Yes you do, take the moral high ground, and you will have moral power. The only power Sampson had was the power God gave him. The pride of the media & the elite blind them. The $1000 drink they hold in their hands does not make them to be great. They are legends in their own minds, but in reality are moral midgets, little mice in the glare of the light. So keep hope alive, like Samson did even after they ridiculed him. I am sure many of you have been ignored, marginalized, laughed at, and paid your toll for being a truther; your reward will come from God. But you my friend can be the moral power that will shake the pillars of the Temple of Tyranny.


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