It is possible to imagine progress when nothing has happened…”rearranging chairs on the Titanic” as the expression goes. We launched a chimp into outer space in a Mercury spacecraft, but the chimp was still a chimp. Likewise, a barbarian in a car is still a barbarian. This post is to get us enhance our focus on what is really happening, rather than to just blindly label something new or modern as “improved”.

The Word says there is nothing new, and in some respects that is true, many of the things we think are new existed in the ancient world. An ancient battery was discovered in anc. Egypt…what it was used for– who knows. Ancient Egypt used a paint brush style toothbrush—Gandhi said a toothbrush was the bench mark of how civilized a person was. They also had good beer, clocks (sundials & water clocks), underwear, cosmetics, paper (paprus), libraries, and lots of good games. They had ancient forms of chess & checkers, dice, dominoes, marbles, & dolls (no Barbie dolls though). They also had trauma-based mind control, and contraceptives like the silphion plant. We like to see ourselves as more modern than others, & we certainly do have new toys, but let’s put this into better perspective. We are warned in the Word about people thinking they were becoming wise yet becoming fools. ROM 1:21-22. For example, we replace arrows w/ muskets, and muskets w/ M-16s. So we have new means to achieve a dark goal. We have improved our means, but not our purposes & goals. We are the chimp orbiting in the spacecraft—still a chimp. Have we eliminated crime, greed & perversion? If the founding fathers of Amer. came back…would they be pleased or horrified?? We have discovered new ways to be unhappy. We consider ourselves superior to “backward” cultures like Tibet, where most everyone is genuinely very happy. Forks & toilet paper—fairly recent innovations—were not used by Sir Isaac Newton or Christ. Can it be that these abundance of new toys is hiding moral decay? I would say YES, one could go so far as to reframe the NWO as the New Moral Disorder.

The foundations of a happy, productive society are collapsing around us. When I have discussed w/ people that cars have had a negative effect on society they resist the idea. When I asked the Amish why they did not want cars, they said it broke up communities. That has been discovered by more than the Amish. So we paid a high price to have cars, granted they obviously have benefits. But how often do we realize the price? Family & community are home foundations that have collapsed in modern America. You might look for Morality in a moral graveyard. God-given Constitution rights are illegal. Our entrepreneurs are doing yard sales. Our universities demand docile students who will play along with the expensive goal of getting a diploma (rather than satisfying their inner drive to learn useful info). But our cell phones have more memory, & video games are improving. God is not impressed, His Word says “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise…” (ISA 29:14, & 1COR 1:19)

We’ve seen a lot of Kate & William (poster children for Europe’s royalty), and they are the tip of the iceberg of the powerful royal families of Europe that are still with us. These powerful families just keep going, like the Belgium House of Ligne, which dates back to the 11th century, represented now by Princess Alix of Ligne. The royal families of Norway, Denmark & Sweden are very much here with us. I have heard good things about the House of Liechtenstein. By the way, when Germany united, the various royal houses of the German states cont. & are still thriving today…Thurn & Taxis (today a Prince & his son), Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, Bavaria, Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Hannover, zu Fuerstenberg, Saxony (Dukes), von Hohenzollern, Prussia (“von Preussen” represented by several princes & children). The Romanovs, who had a Prussian & Russian branch, still have active members in both branches. The roll call of royalty with upcoming young members incl. Belgium, Spain, Monoco, Romania, Yugoslavia, & Albania (whose crown prince likes the movie Matrix). Obscure titles like the Prince of Orleans are still active. These families overlap with the Bloodlines I expose. I wouldn’t want to taint anyone w/ guilt by association, only remind Americans that just because Europe has gone to a European Union, that all these powerful old European families have not evaporated.

Perhaps, I should have entitled this post “Senior moment” because that is what it seems is happening. We are so stressed out we seem to have forgotten the past, and lost perspective on where we are. If this post seems to be disjointed, it has been composed between interruptions. Within minutes I will be on Rich & Anne’s radio show via Wolf Spirit Radio. I unfortunately was busy & did not pre-announce this.


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