This post is to share some things that are praiseworthy, so you can share in the joy. We all have so many things that daily bless us, good sleep, good scenery, good friends, even the things we drink, and the ability to achieve & learn. The two things I am sharing about both involved learning, and I thank God for the ability He gave us to accomplish these tasks.

NEW WEBSITE WILL CONTAIN VIDEO LINKS, SHOWS, & ARTICLES. My pentracks dot com website seriously needed improvement. Most of the blog site dated back to 2011 & used an outdated form of WordPress. Dolores taught herself how to make a website & work with a current version of WordPress! My website is now updated, the Paypal buttons and shopping cart icons are working. (Thank you Dolores!) The site is set up so that people can see my upcoming shows, & links to past shows. The articles I write will also be archived there also. Videos—for example my 1995 Prophecy Club talk & my 2013 Free Your Mind Conference talk—can also be viewed from the upgraded site. The url is still the same …pentracks [dot] com.

COLLEGE PROGRESS. One of my irons in the fire is going to college full time. My degree requires 93 credit hours, & I have now achieved 45 credit hours at a 4.0 grade average. I notice that many people think that good grades are just going to fall in my lap, but the reality is that I have to seriously work at getting good grades. One reason for finally sharing about my college work is that it will help people understand better why I am so busy & don’t answer everyone like they would like. (There are a number of other irons in the fire besides college.) By the way, if I tried to answer every communication that comes my way every day I might not have time to do it within a 24 hr. period, so I have to prioritize. One blessing in going to college is rubbing shoulders with the other students, which is a good way to see how people are thinking. I have to say, most students are quite attached to the Matrix, and the younger ones often are shockingly very irresponsible. So it is a good way for me to stay in touch with people who don’t share my values or understanding of the world.


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