PEOPLE CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES…An unusual Christmas message of Hope for truthers

WHAT? For those who know me well, they are probably wondering, WHAT!? I have tended to be rather lukewarm towards the day that was chosen to celebrate Christ’s birth, because of its occult connections. Anyway, my message is not about Santa, or gifts, or eggnog, or the occult ties to the holidays. It is about what happened in WW I around Christmas, between Allied and German troops. In 2005, a foreign film was released in Belgium, France and Germany entitled Joyeux Noel (which translates Merry Christmas) and has English subtitles for those of us who didn’t learn French. German troops began singing Christmas carols, and the other side joined in and after a while, the troops who had been slaughtering each other like sheep, became humans and quit fighting each other and became friends. After Christmas, men from both sides protected each other by warning the other side when artillery barrages were coming and allowing the other side to come to safety to their side. As you might expect, after the war, the officers involved on both sides were severely treated by their countries. It does show that people are capable of thinking for themselves. Also in the same war, on May 27, 1917, the French troops decided to quit the fighting and just enmass walked away from the front lines. It began with the 5th Infantry division and soon 30,000 troops left the front and walked away from the war. Before the mutiny stopped at least 49 infantry divisions (43% of the French infantry) got involved. One historian figures over 50% of the infantry got involved. The records have been obscured. 23,385 soldiers were convicted of mutiny, most sent to prison, some shot. The big surprise is that the Allies kept all this secret from the Germans, for the Germans could have taken big advantage of the front during the mutiny. For the rest of the war, the French generals basically quit using the French army in offensives, so the mutiny was successful in saving countless troops (perhaps another million lives) from suicidal senseless slaughters!! A similar thing (on a lesser scale) happened in the Pacific War after 1943 with the Australian troops, where entire units refused to go into senseless battles. The bulk of the important offensive action thereafter was carried on by the Americans, often with the Marine divisions being the first in, thereby giving us such famous costly battles as Iwo Jima.
No matter how much conditioning, the human brain is still capable of moving toward freedom, liberty and thinking for itself!


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