People at times ask me about the future 6 JUL 2013

People at times ask me about the future. New Advances to be Released. As I’m sure you have noticed, while technology that would economically free us is suppressed, the PTSNB continue to launch new technological advances every year into the market. This will not cease even if we run through an economic meltdown. So this post is just a little idea of what we may see in the future. (Of course it would be better for the planet if we saw some new spiritual repentance & growth, rather than some new improved toys.)

In the field of human reproduction, there will continue to be new ideas launched. We can expect gene mapping before conception offered for the rich as well as open genetic engineering of people at some point. Artificial wombs will be introduced. And there will be a continual breakdown of morals.

There will be a continued interest in outer space. This is an easy way for the PTSNB to wastefully use up lots of resources that might otherwise elevate the sheeple, which would threaten their control. China should at some point become the leader in space exploration as a matter of national pride. There has been talk of solar satellites that can produce power by the sun, and there is no reason that they won’t be built. They could send their power to earth or use it to illuminate certain areas–perhaps NYC or Tokyo at night. High orbital dwellings where people live and work in space are likely.

New building materials will continue to be created. New models of cars will come out…in fact, I expect cars to drastically change, but before they do, we should see the electronic collision avoidance hardware become more widespread in use. People will be calling home by their cell phones to remotely control their appliances.

Expensive new medical practices will continue to come out, while effective inexpensive ones will continue to be suppressed. The elite may allow us devices that electrically stimulate healing and growth…there are some on the market but they have been suppressed. At some point they will improve leisure even more, providing guided psychotropic trips for holiday fun.

You can safely bet the military will continue to get improved weapons. Although they have had directed energy, laser, and light weapons already, they should use handheld ones even more in the future. There will be an increased use of drones and unpiloted aircraft.

Finally, in politics they make effort to make us believe that the whole thing is not a staged game…so expect since people are getting tired of the Republicans & democrats, they will stage the creation of replacement parties. They like the 2 party system, so I expect they will replace the Republicans and Democrats with two other controlled parties. Just like they gave us a black president to make us feel like there is progress and liberty in the good ole USA…I expect we will may see a black man elected pope.

Anyway, these are some of the things that could possibly come about.


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