People are curious about my reaction to the Boston Bombing 15 APR 2013

People are curious about my reaction to the Boston Bombing, which is coming on Patriot day there, with reportedly a million & a half runners from all over the world. Even Oregon is said to have sent 300 runners. The bottom line is that many innocent people have suffered. Having witnessed a series of false flags, and knowing more are planned, you already know who I think orchestrated this event. As to who did it, someone who is affiliated with some group they want to demonize. Who do they want to demonize?? Lately, it has been evangelical Christians, who govt agencies have been telling various law enforcement & military trainees are dangerous. The B.S. makes a person want to gag. Your guess is as good as mine as to who they want to demonize…we will find out in the near future as they “solve” the case. And then they can incite the rabble to react. Meanwhile, there has been suffering in other areas of the world just as sad; we don’t want to become so self-centered that we forget that others are also suffering.
Father of all mercy, we cannot help but feel sad sympathy for those who have innocently suffered. We lift these situations up to you, and ask for help for those who must continue. Help us Father, In Yahshua we pray. Amen.
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