Pedestals are Made for Statues not Men 1 APR 2013

Pedestals are Made for Statues not Men. Prominent persons become both deified & vilified.
Their public images are wrapped in exaggerated myths like mummies. Those who aim for the truth must neither aim too high nor too low. It’s so well said in Isaiah 5:20, “Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

Lincoln & Washington, both of elite bloodlines, both of exceptional character, are both shrouded in myths. Using Washington as an illustration of today’s topic…It was Washington’s character that held together a defeated, discouraged, underfed, ill-equipped army. He overcame enormous infighting, silly petty dramas, negative thinking, stupidity, backstabbing & “office politics”. He is one of the few great men who did not allow power to intoxicate him; he refused to be made a king or dictator. Likewise, the Tories & British made slanderous lies about him.

After his death the Freemasons have encouraged an idolatrous cult around Washington. Great men, indeed perhaps most people, should garner our respect, but inventing an idol is worship gone astray. Though the truth about Washington is esteemed, it had to be embellished w/ myth. Freemason, salesman, & Anglican Parson Weems invented the fictional story of George & the Cherry Tree. Another Freemason Timothy Pickering encouraged a cult around him after he died. And in 1932, the bicentennial celebration of Washington led by Freemason & NY Congressman Sol Bloom used every Madison Ave. propaganda trick to advertise all of the Washington mythology. A long list of Freemasons, esp. Christian Freemasons, like to extol Washington.

While the World & their media love to create idols, they also love to slander good men. Christ, Stephen & Paul, each had noble character & did good deeds, and all 3 had to deal with false accusations by false witnesses. A modern example of this is Prime Time’s fake hatchet job of evangelist Robert Tilton. Prime Time unethically obtained some of Tilton’s mail, & then had their own person stage dumping these letters from donors into a dumpster behind the main branch of Dallas Commercial Bank & Trust, while Prime Time told viewers, “You’ll see how the businessman deposits follower’s money directly into the bank but has a shocking place for their prayers & dreams.” Tilton didn’t even have an account there. But Prime Time’s bogus unethical staged hatchet job really looked convincing. Viewers wanted to believe what Prime Time was claiming & their eyes confirmed the “proof”.

The Word of God jealously protects a man’s good name. Unfortunately, our legal system no longer provides protections, as I learned firsthand. There are several other last thoughts about God & idols. God is not present in idols, and in fact, at times has turned them to dust, to show as some say, that God’s dust is greater than an idol. God-haters like to characterize God as merely an idol. Bonhoeffer (one of the men I respect), made an astute observation: “A God who lets us prove His existence would be an idol.”


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