The purpose of this post is to give a better appreciation & understanding of Christ’s prophecies in MT 24. The chapter speaks about civil wars & political wars, earthquakes and pestilences in the end times. Skeptics point out that these kinds of events have repeatedly happened in history, and they are quite right. We have gone through the pattern of the prophecy of MT 24 many times, and yet it still has importance to us today. The fact that its pattern is accurate should open our ears & eyes that we are living in Matthew chapter 24 today. It is happening before our eyes.

This message applies Christ’s words in Matthew 24 to what is happening today. You see God’s Word is truth; and truth is always truth. Some would try to limit prophetic truths to one single pt. in time, but Scripture shows us that prophetic patterns repeat themselves. There was an ancient prophecy about an Abomination of Desolation & this was believed to have been fulfilled by Antiochus IV Epiphanes around 166 B.C. But Yahshua gave us a new fresh understanding on ancient scriptures.(A) His words showed that Antiochus Epiphanes’ abomination was not the final fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecies(B). There were other attempts at abominations. Caligula, an insane emperor, who acted as if he were god and who was a type of Anti Christ, wanted to see up a monster size statue of himself where the temple of God had stood. Both Hadrian & Titus are said to have erected statues upon the site of the demolished temple. Yet none of these matched what Antiochus had done while the temple was in operation. Also note that the symbol of God, the Temple of Jerusalem, was not spared destruction by God. (Of course, crosses on building will also not spare their destruction.)

MESSIAH’S APOCALYPTIC IMAGES. In Matthew chapters 23-25, Yahshua ha Messiach functions as a prophet, for instance, he prophecies that an Abomination of Desolation will happen prior to his return, & to be ready to flee when it happens. Yahshua in MT 24 repeats the apocalyptic images of Daniel’s prophecies: an abomination of desolation (DAN chapters 8,9,11 & 12), rumors of wars (DAN 11:44), the temple’s destruction (DAN 9:26), tribulation (DAN 12:1), and the Son of Man coming in clouds (DAN 7:13). By the way, the context of him “coming in the clouds” is obviously his second coming, so this is an end time prophecy…in contrast to preterists who want to erase the value of Matthew 24 by saying it is fulfilled & irrelevant to us today. Could there be another abomination of the Temple?? As many of you know, the temple rituals are being performed today in Jerusalem, & the material to rebuild the Temple is in place to re-erect another Temple. The Ark of the Covenant, discovered by Ron Wyatt, is in its resting place…are there any worthy to touch it? or will we once again see more abominations? The Abomination of DAN 9:27 matches the Beast of REV 13:1-18. The Illuminati kings –they were fisher kings—believe they are of the House of David. One of the Illuminati’s House of David descendants is to become the ruler over the Temple, perhaps even the chief priest.

WHAT WAS THE ABOMINATION THAT LED TO DESOLATION IN ANCIENT ISRAEL?? Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Isaiah were all three outstanding prophets of God, and they all wrote that the shedding of innocent blood was what caused God’s Shekinah (Holy Spirit) to leave the Temple! For instance, we read in PRV 6:16,17b that hands that shed innocent blood are an abomination to God. “Egypt shall be a desolation…because…they have shed innocent blood in their land.” JOEL 3:19. “There is no pleasure for me [God] to accept your prayers, because your hands are full of innocent blood.” There are many verses that deal with God’s concern/disgust about innocent blood being shed.(D) Christ confronted the Pharisees (the religious leaders of his day & the ancestors of today’s rabbis) that they were the descendants of those who killed God’s prophets and were an “offspring of vipers”.(E) Hillary Clinton, a member of the Illuminati, has recently been calling on Christianity to change & promote abortion, which is the shedding of innocent blood. Some denominations already support abortions, the more that do, the greater the abomination, and the further away the Holy Spirit will stay. Christ says the Kingdom of God will be taken from those with blood guilt and given to those who produce the fruits of the Kingdom. (F)

WHO PREVENTS THE WORLD’S TOTAL DECEPTION? WHO CONTINUES TO DECLARE THE FULL MESSAGE OF YHWH? Who is the body of Christ today?? When the innocent blood of Jesus was shed in Jerusalem, it created a blood guilt that was repaid by the slaughter of millions in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. when Titus attacked. Titus is quoted as saying he felt like he was on a mission of vengeance for god. Also the Romans had a tradition of making sure a city’s god had vacated it before they attacked. Titus is quoted as saying that he believed God had left Jerusalem before he attacked. In one of Christ’s woes to the Jewish religious leaders, he told them “Your house is left desolate.” (MT 23:28) He was referring to the absence of the Holy Spirit, which for sure left after his innocent blood was spilled. This sets the context for MT 24:2 when he prophecies the Temple’s destruction.

TEMPLE MOUNT. The Temple Mount is at an unusual spiritual center. Spirits & angels (good & bad) appear at the site—so it may be a portal to other dimensions. Jacob’s Ladder & his angel were at this site. Abraham brought his son here to sacrifice and the Angel of the Lord stopped it. The rock (called the Foundation Stone) there has an opening like a cave under it. Mohammed said he had a ladder (in Arabic Miraj) and a green winged angel took him to heaven from this site. This event, which happened after his “night journey” from Mecca to Jerusalem, was what sealed his claim as a superior prophet. After his claim to have miraculously traveled to Jerusalem, Mohammed described Jerusalem to doubters which won them over. 3 temples of God have sat on the Temple Mount: Solomon’s dedicated to God’s glory (G) and then desolated by Nebuchadnezzar because of Israel’s abominations; Zerubbabel’s (H) which was missing the Shekinah Holy Spirit, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Fire, & the Urim & Thummin & was desolated by Antiochus Epiphanes; and last, Herod’s restoration/& improvement of Zerubbabel’s temple which began 20 B.C. and was intended to be the fulfillment of Haggai 2:9 where it prophesies the latter house will be greater than the former. Christ was unimpressed by its incredible grandeur. Titus, in charge of the Roman legion, destroyed it in 70 A.D. as per Christ’s prophecy.

THE SITE WILL CAUSE MUCH BLOOD TO BE SHED. The Christians, noting Christ’s prophecy & listening to their Spirit-led leaders fled Jerusalem to Pella and escaped the holocaust that Jerusalem experienced. The Romans built a temple to Jupiter on the site; and then centuries later, the Moslems, in honor of its sacredness, built the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. To build the Dome, they demolished Christian churches & holy sites in the region for building material & took the basic measurements of the Christian Church of the Sepulcher for the massive structure. There are various octagons built into the structure such as an arcade & octagon mirrors. The Knights Templars occupied the Dome for about a century, until the Moslems reconquered it. The Religious Jews are itching to see the Dome of the Rock gone. It does not take a spirit of prophecy to predict that some event will trigger the destruction of the Dome and the instant rebuilding of the next Temple. There is no question that this will trigger the Islamic world to go to war & a bloody bloodbath must ensue. Currently, because the Holy of Holies was on the site, Jews are forbidden by Jewish law from going on the Temple Mount, but the devout pray daily at the Western (Wailing) Wall. So this spiritually dynamic spot (perhaps a portal to other dimensions) may fulfill more prophecy in our lives & result in the shedding of much more blood.
(A) MT 24:15 (B) Daniel prophesied an abomination in DAN 8:13, 9:27, 11:31 & 12:11 (C) See EZEK 11, 23:29-36, 26:21…JER 22:5, 12:7…and other verses. (D) Examples are DT 19:10 & DT 21:8-9, ISA 59:7, JER 22:17 & 26:15. (E) MT 3:7, 12:34 (F) MT 21:43 (G) 1 KGS 3-10 & 2 CHR 1-9 (H) 2 CHR 36:23, EZRA 1:1-4



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