PART 2 (19 DEC 2012)

The media has done TV interviews with his girlfriend Hanna. (This is actually an old girlfriend, not his most current one.) The alleged shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts (known to friends as Jake) had decided to move to Hawaii, was being evicted from his apartment, breaking up with his girlfriend, and had missed his flight to Hawaii that morning, all this supposedly pushing him off the deep end to go shoot up a mall full of 30,000 Christmas shoppers. (Jake had only been in the apartment for 3-4 months, evictions take time in Oregon. Also Jake was not the type to miss a flight, his friend says that he was the type to be at the airport 2 hours early. Further, Jake was a calm person who didn’t get upset at things, and was not easy to anger. Further, if Jake was moving to Hawaii and had sold all his goods as the media claims, why hadn’t he sold his car which was used in the crime? For Jake not to have sold his car, puts some serious question marks on the media’s stories.)

Jacob is then reported to have missed his flight and then stolen a friend’s AR-15. (However, no details on what friend are provided…but isn’t it convenient for those wanting Jacob to be the killer that Jacob is made out to be a thief, in other words, first he is demonized as a failure with work and his girlfriend, irresponsible in missing his flight, and now a thief stealing an AR-15, who repeatedly refer to the gun as a semi-automatic assault weapon. Most guns are set up to fire semi-automatic, and will fire when the trigger is pulled until the clip runs out, so clearly there is an agenda at hand when the newspeople don’t simply say “an AR-15” and repeatedly say “a semi-automatic assault weapon”. In contrast with the media, his friends say he was totally honest and never stole, nor was he an angry irresponsible person. In fact, of about 100 people who knew him, none of them could identify the media’s claimed behavior of Jacob with how Jacob had acted his entire life. Apparently the day of the shooting had to be an aberration or perhaps there is another explanation besides the media’s fuzzy reporting. His father, using a spokesperson, said that “the shooting was out of his character.”)

Jacob is reported to have driven to the mall and parked in front of Macy’s. (If he did, this is both an amazing feat and an amazing fact, because Jake was a local and in the habit of coming in from the Sear’s side where one can park easily. Parking in the front before Macy’s is almost an impossibility during Christmas season, and the spots are taken by grandmother types who circle the parking lot endlessly until such a close-in spot happens to become available. To reach the area of the shooting, Jake could have come in more easily from the north or west, both more assessable than the route he is said to have taken.)

The media reports on what Jacob was wearing have changed a lot. (In fact, the entire stories by the authorities and the media keep changing, while all the time they pretend as if no changes have happened in their stories….It appears that an attempt to fog the situation and contaminate people from having a clear memory of things is occurring.) Some of the media stories have him wearing a hoody with a hood or a white hockey mask, at any rate, from what is written, there is not a single witness who saw his face.


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