PANDEMICS…PREPARING DEFENSIVELY. The Illuminati plan for pandemics, such as ebola…this is a reality to be taken into account. A pandemic is a widespread disease like an epidemic. The nuance of difference is that an epidemic spreads fast, a pandemic spreads far. Our first line of defense is our immune system. This post is geared to prepare us for the upcoming assaults that are sure to attack our immune systems. Before we start, take a deep breath & say “hallelujah”, and commit yourself to faith, not fear. This post will be successful if you gain some insight on how to strengthen your immune system. What I present are my observations, as well as statements that are backed by studies. I share, but encourage everyone to think for themselves…after all, each of our bodies is different.

THE EBOLA PROBLEM. One source claims that the authorities believe there is an airborne strain of Ebola. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is allegedly concerned about this airborne strain & has had meetings w/ Homeland Security (HS) & one of its branches the Transportation Security Admin. (TSA) about the airborne threat to the USA. The CDC has the power to quarantine U.S. citizens. In fact, the govt. has emergency powers to turn our lives upside down if they want. But the Ebola problem is more than what they tell or don’t tell us. The issue for people like me, & many others, is one of trust. Vaccines have been used to inject all kinds of hidden things for hidden agendas, for instance, to make millions of third world women sterile. What is Ebola? Where did it really come from? Of course one can simply swallow what the Matrix tells them, but millions of Americans are awake & thinking for themselves. I am frequently in the stores in my area, & there is a massive campaign to give free flu shots. I have not seen one person asking to get one. There has been an increase in people suspicious about vaccinations, as well as people aware of the multitude of horror stories from people who like sheep got theirs. I don’t have hard facts to give you about Ebola, and the other pandemics waiting in line to attack us. What I can write about is ideas to build our immune systems. One thing that hurts the immune system is stress & fear. So please, let’s continue with a positive constructive attitude.

THE NUTRITIONAL PROBLEM. I would venture to say that the majority of Americans are malnourished, even though we overeat. One study of 37,000 Americans found half of them were not getting enough Vita. B6 & 39% were not getting enough Vita. C. There are many other nutrients that Americans are also not getting enough of. The govt. came out w/ the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) which is the minimum they believe should be obtained. A better figure is the Optimum Daily Allowance ODA, which is the figure experts have come up with needed for great optimum health. In a Dept. of Ag. study on 10 selected nutrients, they discovered only 60% of Amer. were getting the RDA of these ten. The problem is more complex than simply identifying what we lack. For a person’s body to absorb a particular vitamin (or nutrient) it needs other ingredients. Just trying to add what you are low in may not help…for instance, Vita. B needs Vita.s C & E and calcium to be absorbed. Magnesium needs calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and Vita. B,C, & D to be absorbed. And some things we eat may prevent something else from being absorbed. One last problem is that not all supplements provide the right type or quality…for instance, the Vita. E that helps our immune system, etc. is gamma-tocopherol Vita. E. yet this is not the type of many popular brands. Tocotrienols (also a type of Vita. E) are also important for cellular health, which is why I take Kyani Sunset, but 5 hrs. apart from any other Vita. E so that it gets absorbed!

OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. When something goes around at the office or school not everyone gets it. Not everyone died of the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. People with strong immune systems are often immune to diseases or if they get something, quickly defeat it. Your body’s collective defense system against disease is called the immune system. And many things can affect it, our thoughts, our health, our environment, our genetics, and especially what we ingest. I won’t tell you what to think, but I will say this…taking walks, praying, hot tubbing, and laughing will build your immune system. When we let this modern world stress us…we lower our immune system. Chronic stress (a natural byproduct of the rat race) damages the immune system. Refined sugar takes the system down in minutes. Horror movies lower the immune system. A calm strong faith in God will improve it.

RELIGION & DISEASE. There have been an incredible amount of studies done with various religious groups to see how they compare with others in their disease rates. I noticed studies showing that Amish men have much lower cancer rates, & cancer death rates than the general population. There was a study of nuns who lived isolated together, with the same lifestyle & same food. The study wanted to isolate what factor was different between those nuns who got Alzheimers & those that didn’t. The ones who did had low Folic Acid. (By the way, you can take up to 15 grams that 15,000 micrograms without any danger.)

EATING TO PROTECT YOURSELF. I realize it goes against many people’s thinking to think that they may need to take supplements, or exercise. There are consequences if we break the natural rules of nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies make us more vulnerable to diseases, and these deficiencies can only be dealt with by supplementation, esp. with the elderly. Exercise does many positive things for the body, incl. helping the immune system.

FREE RADICALS. When free radicals on the cellular level are deprived of oxygen they are damaging. Excessive amounts of free radicals, or ones that are out of control are also destructive on the cellular level. Amazingly, there are some healthy oils that protect us from free radical damage. They incl.: almond oil, coconut oil, fish oil, and olive oil. Other foods that are very protective are eggs, butter, raw organic milk, yogurt, avocado, and Alaskan salmon. Mediterranean cultures that eat a lot of olive oil, & some other beneficial foods live healthy & long. The sunshine they get helps their Vita. D levels also…and many Amer. are low on this important vitamin. The Olive leaf extract is so powerful, that the ancient Egyptians used the olive leaf as a symbol of heavenly power. Olive oil is Biblically used as a symbol of the life giving Holy Spirit. Olive leaf extract actually stops viral reproduction at the cellular level as well as building up the immune system.

GREEN TEA, & PROBIOTICS. Green tea inhibits the growth of tumors, protects against cancer & coronary heart disease, lowers blood sugar levels, and may also boost the immune system. Probiotics also help the immune system. Bad microbes in the intestines cause toxins which inflame the intestines. Chronic inflammation in the body works our immune systems overtime.

WHITE BLOOD CELLS & ZINC. White blood cells need zinc to develop & activate. Zinc lozenges have been proven to be helpful when people get colds. Tests show they cut the duration of a cold in half. So zinc levels are important to our immune system.

TRANS-RESVERATROL or EATING 2/3 NORMAL INTAKE. The SIRT 1 gene can be activated and it will drastically postpone old age by 50%! So far they have only discovered two ways (that I know of) to trigger the SIRT 1 gene: first, if you cut your food intake back to 2/3s, and second, if you take resveratrol. The trans-resveratrol being the best form found in supplements. You can get small doses of resveratrol in red wine. As the Word of God mentions, “…use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake & thine often infirmities.”(1 TIM 5:23) That was healthy advice.

WRAPPING IT UP. More could be said, but more is not always better. We need to seriously think about getting good water, and healthy amounts of enzymes, proteins, proper fats, carbs, vitamins & minerals. We also need to think about strengthening our faith & improving our lifestyles. In the past, we could frivolously ignore our health, but with the possibility of future plagues wiping out large numbers of the population, it is time that we took our health & immune systems seriously. Be blessed my friend.


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