OUR KNOWLEDGE GAP: How the Indian Subcontinent’s Globalization, Genocide & Tyranny go unreported by our Mass Media “Guardians”. This post is a report about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & the New World Order. Typically the corporate controlled mass media selectively portrays India as a rising modernizing democracy, while neglecting to report the nightmarish New World Order existence most people on the Indian subcontinent must endure as they struggle to escape elite genocidal policies. Life in India & the rest of the subcontinent was never easy for the common man, but it has been getting even harsher under globalization. The Globalists have managed to sterilize millions of women in the subcontinent, some voluntarily & many by tricks. The common person in India is barely surviving—in a true democracy the power of the masses of people would express itself…it doesn’t in India. That’s a big obvious clue right there concerning how a small ruthless elite run India & pretend it is a democracy. And the handful of journalists who have tried to tell the truth (like David Barsamian on 9/23/2011) get deported or arrested.

A QUICK REVIEW OF HISTORY. The Br. East India Co. gained dominance over much of India & in this way brought the empire its “jewel”. The British used a divide & conquer strategy with the Indians. As colonial rulers they did bring some modernization & stability, but they also brought a lot of arrogance & exploitation. Mahatma Gandhi convinced many in his nation to peacefully struggle for independence. He also taught that to be independent, Indians needed to learn how to be responsible for themselves, like learning how to make their own cloth & clothes. Br. India was split 3 ways, in the middle was Hindu India, with Islamic states to the east & west. To the east is what is now Bangladesh, and in the west Pakistan. Other minor countries make up the subcontinent like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, & Sikkim, as well countries within countries like Mustang in Nepal…but this post deals only with the big three.

HOW DESPERATE IS IT? 250,000 small village farmers in India have committed suicide. In Gujarat state, over 2,000 people were massacred, and women were gang raped before being burned alive. In Dantewara, 644 villages are empty, with 300,000 hiding in the forests. What happens in the USA is trivial compared to the daily tragedies that the majority of India’s people endure. There is more to say about these kind of things & their corrupt govt. And take Bangladesh for instance, the country’s history is a sequence of disasters, incl. a famine in 1974 that killed 1.5 million (and by the way, the U.S. had a food embargo on Bangladesh during the famine), a cyclone in ’91 that killed 140,000, and 1998’s flooding which flooded 2/3 of the nation & ruined 300,000 homes. Today, 77 million have arsenic in their drinking water. Oh and did I tell you their govt. is also corrupt!

PAKISTAN. While we are on a roll, let’s mention Pakistan, another country with a totally corrupt govt. which survives by money from the International Community. They are our ally simply because of America’s bribes of money. They have asked the IMF for bailouts eleven times since ’88. Baluchistan (where my Dad ventured to work for several yrs. on ag projects) is like the wild west. Everyone is armed & goes around shooting. Baluchistan has fought for their independence from Pakistan 5 times since 1947. People disappear all the time in Pakistan, are tortured, dismembered and laid out for people to see. Many groups do this even throughout the capital Karachi. The CIA has hundreds of agents running around in country—one report said 300. We have run roughshod over Paki sovereignty & carried out drone strikes even when they protest. (Oh and we’ve also quietly had a Special Forces presence next door in India.) The 4 major ethic groups: Pushtuns, Mohajirs, Sindhis, & Baluch are in conflict. The country is another disaster area. And our mass media, in general, tends to neglect reporting what happens in these 3 nations. My post is to warn readers about globalist policies in India, for they may be coming to your town soon!

INDIA’S ELITE IN BED W/ OURS. Mukesh Ambani is India’s wealthiest, worth $20 billion last yr. He also happens to be in the CFR and the bd. of dir. of Bank of America. He has corporations in petrochemicals, stem cell storage, gas & other areas. He controls the mass media in India, i.e. Infotel. He, along with 99 other rich Indians, have the equivalent of ¼ of India’s GDP. (By the way, the World Bank has been run by CFR members, and the elite have mortgaged India to the World Bank.) The wealth is not shared in India. If you try to be an entrepreneur, the elite have ways to shut you down. There is now a 300 million person middle class, and yet there are as many illiterate people in India as the total population of the USA. There are 700 million rural poor Indians. Under the disguise of development, multinational corporations are being given rural India & its resources. India & its states are ratifying “anti-terrorist” laws so that the common man, if he protests his land being stolen, & then destroyed by the corporations & his cattle & livelihood seized, he can be held without trial as a terrorist for 3 yrs. Corrupt govt. officials (politicians, judges, etc. bribed by the elite) allow big corporations to steal about 1/3 of the electricity from power grids (& then the common man is blamed), and to pollute rivers, wipe out forests, poison the ground water which are all things that the common man depend upon just to exist. This kind of thing is happening all over India, and our press is silent. A few examples of dirty corporations: the aluminum plants in Orissa, the industries in Gujarat, & the uranium mines in Jadugoda.

The govt. of India has a genocidal policy to give the resources of the land to corporations, the very resources millions of poor people depend on. Land is being stripped from the people and handed to the big corporations as SEZ (Special Economic Zones). India was self-sufficient in power equipment with the public BHEL. It was forced into joint ventures with GE and Siemens. The politicians were bribed, and India is no longer self-sufficient but must import expensive power generating equipment. The first private power project in India was a contract between the Indian govt. & Enron! Enron paid a $13 million bribe to the govt., and paid millions in bribes to officials. Enron described their bribes as “educating officials”. After lots of controversy, Enron finally got a $30 billion contract with the Maharashtra State, which was the largest contract in the history of India, and probably the largest fraud too! Because Enron is charging seven times the cost of cheaper electricity in the state, people have gone to private generators, so the state is thinking of banning private generators. Various Amer. officials, like Bush, Jr. have tried to help Enron with their difficulties in India.

NARMADA DAM PROJECTS. Remember in previous posts, I warned about how boondoggle big projects are hurting countries around the world? In the middle of India is the Narmada River. The elite have decided to build 3,200 dams on this river, including 30 big dams like our Hoover Dam. 25 million people will have to move. Science will have to forget studying the Paleolithic archaeological sites. 4,000 sq. kilo. of old growth forest will be submerged. Probably as large as the project is the scandalous corruption associated with the entire thing. The project wrote down plans to resettle the people…for some reason those are being ignored…people can supposedly fend for themselves. Sincere ecological and social impacts of these 3,200 dams have not been studied. Since independence, over 30 million people have been displaced in India by dam projects (some think 56 million people). When an international Commission wanted to hold public hearings about the Sardar Sarovar Dam, India threatened to arrest the international commission. The people are fed propaganda that the dams will eliminate poverty in India.

ECAs. Export Credit Agencies are private groups that operate in countries like India. In a complex series of moves, essentially what they do is guarantee that companies from rich countries like the US and the EU can operate in places like India, and if something goes wrong India pays. Of course, the system is complex and difficult to track. The bottom line is debt is added to the poor country, like India. ECA’s are secretive & not accountable and can be environmentally irresponsible or ignore human rights. They are a great thing for the greedy elite.

CALL CENTERS & PEOPLE’S CARS. Indians have schools that teach them how to be a call center worker and answer calls for the corporations. The workers change their names to American names and learn American English, but are paid less than a dollar an hour. The Tata Nani people’s car is being built which will sell for 100,000 rupees (about $2,000).

KASHMIR. A half million Indian troops patrol the Kashmir Valley. In a nation where people starve, the military still gets its share of hardware, for instance T-90 Bhisma tanks (named from the Bhagavad Gita) and nukes. Kashmir has given India an excuse to ignore human rights…like Bush in Iraq. When it comes to war crimes, war crimes are going on in so many nations around the world, that Kashmir’s seem less important than some of the other tragedies. India & Pakistan have been enemies since both got independence.

SUMMARY. This has been a report on the Indian subcontinent that the World Order is manipulating & pillaging. The human suffering being caused is beyond comprehension. And the Amer. press has ignored a great deal of that suffering, and has presented Pakistan as our ally, and India as a positive up & coming new economic & democratic nation. Too bad they don’t ask the common people in India what they experience.


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