This post will share some thoughts about the future for your consideration.

“GOD HAS DIED, & RELIGION WILL DIE.” For centuries haters of Christianity have predicted its demise. During my lifetime, the World has proclaimed several times that “God is dead.” It is common for futurists, who are usually secularists, to predict the end of religion. The haters of Christ have been sure that “science & reason” would win over “superstition”. The problem is that they are unable to take an unbiased view of Christ, and they fail to see that “science” (incl. soft sciences like psychology) are in many ways a new religion. In their rage against Christ, they are sure there is nothing attractive in him to compete against “science” (I might add…distorted science). Yet, from 1988 to 1991, when the communist USSR collapsed & emerged as Russia, half of the USSR’s 60 million professed atheists decided to confess Christ as their savior & give their allegiance to him!… 30 million new Christians. Obviously, atheism had failed to provide satisfactory answers. And during that same period, 85% of all Russians saw the film “Jesus” (which was based on the Gospel of Luke). Christ is not abandoning humanity. Christ promised his followers, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”(A)

THE WORLD GOVT. H.G. Wells, one of Freemasonry’s greatest prophets, predicted that all national govt.s would cease by 1960 & be replaced by a One World Govt. He predicted that it would take 17 yrs. more for this World govt. to eradicate all religion worldwide. In these things H.G. Wells was off. First, the eradication of national govt.s has yet to take place, and may be quite far off. Second, the goal of the elite, who will set up this World Govt., is to merge the positives of religions into a Unified Spirituality—what I might nickname the Church of the Sacred World Cosmos. At this moment there are no plans to eradicate nations and religions; the elite are simply trying to make the old forms of these obsolete. A Frenchman is still a Frenchman, but he sees himself as a European, a member of the EU. So the social engineering is quite skillful. Rather than wrestle with people’s thinking, they are reorienting people’s thinking without a battle. But they realize that they will still have to eliminate the fanatics & fundamentalists of the various religions. Those are the ones who will simply be targeted for elimination…the battle to change them is near impossible. For the elite it is easier simply to eliminate them; and that is what we will be facing in the next decade. The stage is being set for that. They have practiced such things before in history.

FACTORS. New technology will play a major role in the upcoming changes to Christianity. An example from the recent past is how TV has taken on a role for the church. As the World distracts the younger generation, the newer generation, by & large, has become uninterested in something like Masonic lodge meetings and sitting in church. Both institutions in America & Europe are unattractive to the new generation, who more often than not, cannot even be talked into sitting down for a family meal. The institution of the family is also losing its attraction. So what institution is going to suck the next generation in? Where are they going to get their needs met?? The Body of Christ is also going to make adjustments due to economic shifts, catastrophes, demographic changes, and geopolitical moves (which incl. uses of various militaries). The future vitality of the Body of Christ is ensured. Christ will always be with us, and all power has been given him. While the vitality is insured, the methods that we will have to operate under will be in flux. Our focus must remain on Christ, “Seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”(B) We notice in this teaching of Christ’s, that his people will be a little flock (the way is narrow, and few find it), and that in spite of all, even the fact that we are merely a “little” group, we should not be alarmed & fearful. I take it that those of us who preserve the original old time “religion”—the faith of our fathers, will find ourselves looking weak compared to the World’s approved church. They are televising sermons by T.V., what next? Telepathic sermons? Do you see where I am going with this?…the World can empower its approved church with its new technology. So even our “powers” may appear little compared to the approved church, but never mind little flock, fear not, for you who are faithful will still receive the Kingdom of God.

(A) MT 28:20 (B) LK 12:31-32


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