Once again Americans face a presidential election 24 OCT 2012

Once again Americans face a presidential election. Once again the American people are involved in a scandal of unthinkable dimensions. I am hearing various people tell me they have a duty to select the best of the two evils so they will be voting for Romney or Obama, depending upon who they see as the worst evil. I agree with their characterization that both are evil, but in a runoff between Satan and Lucifer why would anyone want to be responsible for supporting either candidate? Goldman, Sachs, an Illuminati corporation, has over the years supplied large sums of money to both candidates. Currently, they have been the primary financial contributor to Mitt Romney. Both candidates, Romney and Obama, were members of the CFR, which is an Illuminati institution which controls America’s foreign policy decisions and intentionally steers us on a script to take us into a Luciferian World Government. Yes, I know Romney denies being a CFR member and denies knowing who the Bilderbergers are. He is technically correct on the CFR membership, his CFR membership as well as Obama’s and Hillery’s were suspended for the election and no longer are listed on their site. As to the Bilderbergers, he was at their 2012 meeting where he was probably selected to be the next president… in that case his denial is just outright lying. Typically, in the last few decades American presidents and those that run against them have been CFR members, as well as many also being Freemasons. Just two examples of many: in 1948, Truman a Freemason ran against Dewey, also a Freemason and CFR member, and Strom Thurmond, a Freemason, was a third party candidate receiving 39 electorial college votes. In 1956, Eisenhower and Nixon, both CFR members connected with the elite ran against Adlai Stephenson, also CFR. Eisenhower’s brothers were high up in Freemasonry. In other words, the same team is giving us both candidates. But one might still for some reason, feel one person to be better suited than the other candidate, and feel the patriotic duty to at least mitigate the damage with one’s vote. The voting has been corrupted at all the levels of the process including the vote counting. James and Kenneth Collier’s expose Votescam (copyright 1992) documents how they discovered that the vote counting is rigged to get the results that are pre-decided. Someone who was an Illuminati member told me that they had seen a map with the complete final election statistics 6 months ahead of the election. There was no doubt in my mind that he was honestly testifying about what he saw. Why then have this big charade? So the American people think they are free and are responsible for who is running things. It makes the controlled masses easier to control. American people, you do not select nor do you elect your presidents. Reminds me of the verse that states, “…for your merchants were great men of the earth, for by your sorceries were all nations deceived.” Rev. 18:23b Reminds me also of the verse, “…the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against the anointed…”


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