Tomorrow is Friday the 13th (date of DeMolay’s death) & the next Friday (March 20th) is the Vernal Equinox. The official beginning of spring is considered the Vernal Equinox, even though some areas are still buried in snow. Because these two occult dates occur together, some of the covens have planned extra big events for this time period besides their blood & sex rituals. Will we see any negative related public events? Good question. Of course there will be the normal peaceful events like Annapolis has a traditional Burning the Socks ritual, & some areas have public Celtic events. In terms of secret rituals, in this area for instance, the Goats Rocks Wilderness area (in the Cascade Mountains of Gifford Pinchot Nat. Forest) will have a high level coven ritual. (Goats Rocks is an appropriate name to worship the “goat”.) These kind of high level equinox rituals are done in forests; on the west coast we have lots of logging roads that have been blocked off and these roads go to nowhere in the forests, which is ideal for secret ritual sites. I don’t advise being in any ritual area as onlookers risk their lives being in such an area. I personally know some guys who had to run for their lives.

Yesterday, March 11th, I was on Kathy Rubio’s radio show “No Holds Barred Live” from 3 to 5 EST (12 to 2 PST). Kathy is a Spirit-led Christian who lived in Central America for years. She now is located in Minnesota, which she describes as a very dark place. Her producer Casey Davis said that he would provide me with the link, & I will post that so that people who did not get the opportunity to listen to Kathy live can listen to the recording. She has planned an event in Texas to pray against the powers that be. She is working with whistle blowers. Have a blessed day my friend.


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