A number of people who follow my posts are interested in the Illuminati’s trauma-based mind control; this post is a short update on how the programming has changed since my 3 books on the mind control came out in the mid-90’s.

PROGRAMMING SCRIPTS. The programmers have continued to take things to higher complexity, and more powerful demonic spirituality. The common run of the mill programs—Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz type programming themes continue. The additions that were made in the 70’s & 80’s like Star Wars & Star Trek programming scripts also continue. The last approx. 15 years has seen the development of lots of Fallen Angel, & Nephalim, & Reptillian programming. The Alien programming is far harder to touch than the basic programs, which were never easy. Even harder is the Fallen Angel programming which is really reaching a level where the de-programmer must simply allow the power of God to work the Holy Spirit’s miracles to the glory of God.

NEW EMPHASES. The Satanic realm is trying to gain a prophetic upper hand, and great energy is going into remote viewing. Widespread testing is going on to identify children with Theta waves who would have remote viewing abilities, prophetic type abilities which can be harnessed by the dark powers to give the Kingdom of Darkness the ability to see the future. Children who are identified with these special abilities are targeted for special programming.

PROGRAMMING PATTERNS. The basic landscaping (structuring the various structures like castles, spider webs, flower fields, trees, etc.) that hold the programs and the alters are put in by landscaping specialists who know how to create the layers. Programmers follow behind the landscaper. There are major programmers, and assistant programmers. Complex new systems with computer chip/computer board diagramming, like the complex electrical schematics make some of the newer systems unlikely to unravel. I discussed the clocks in my books, but did not go into any depth about how many clocks. There are now clocks attached to eternal things such as rituals, but there are computer clocks, body clocks and other internal clocks. Hickory Dickory Dock is an example of clock programming. Clocks may have pendulums attached, but the newer programs have digital clocks. The Grim Reaper is involved in suicide programs. Clocks are connected to seasons, rituals, astrological signs, and events. The time elements within a system also go back to ancient time (as well as the ancient deities). The gems, the faceless programmers, the demonic guards, and so many other things that my books detail are still be used in the programming. The programming will also have attachments to records like the Atlantean & Ashkashic records. So there may be internal libraries and computer storage. Apocalyptic imagery is coming into wider use. And the programmers have always wanted the programmed slave (the human robot) to be able to self-direct, self-protect, self-reprogram etc. in other words, the less energy the programmer & handler have to spend day to day maintaining/operating the more proficient they have done the work in building the human robot. So one will see a lot of programming involved with the divide & conquer tactic that is used not only on the slave’s internal programming, but is being implemented in society. The micro programming will begin to manifest itself on the macro, as Americans begin to kill & destroy each other. Mind control programming at many different levels is being pumped into the thinking of Americans to insure that society self-destructs itself in a frenzy of hate & violent reaction.

TYPES OF SYSTEMS. Some cults are doing some simplistic programming. Complex systems are the standard systems that therapists are now dealing with. The higher highly complex systems that are connected to the powers and principalities are not even being touched by the professional therapists.

FINAL THOUGHTS. In this brief look at the new programming trends, people need to keep in mind the power of the blood of Yahshua, and also the power of the survivor of the trauma to renounce Satanic structures and satanic programs, spirits, oaths, etc. Any agreement with the past or present needs to be broken. The bottom line is that those who want to help victims of mind control need to seriously work on a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, where the deprogrammer can draw from the spiritual power of the Kingdom of Life to break these satanic strongholds of power.


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