This post is somewhat a departure from my normal approach to topics, which is to seek the Spirit’s unction. This post is in a sense “secular” & will provide some inside info on what went on today behind closed doors as well as public announcements in regards to the Ukrainian crisis which has plunged the World into a new cold war. My motive is more than to inform, but to show my readers that I am indeed in contact with the elite stringpullers during this new period of what I term a “new glasnost” (Illum. transparency in govt). I want to confirm & affirm to you that I am not making these things up. They feel more transparency will be beneficial to all parties, & for whatever reason have decided that having someone like me involved helps the process. (What awake person would want to believe mainstream media anyway!?) Additionally, I want to affirm to you that just because I give unbiased reporting on people & events, that does not mean I have denied Christ. Truthful unbiased reporting should be the norm, even though it hasn’t been. Those who have no interest in current events, may want to skip this post which explains today’s cold war actions.

Putin claims that the U.S. is trying to isolate Russia, & that “Russophobia” in the West is out of control. He also claims that Russian citizens & compatriots who live in the Ukraine are threatened. Pro-Russian Ukrainians, supported by Russia, recently took some Westerners hostage (diplomats of the OSCE mission), & took over some govt. buildings. And today, according to my Illuminati source, Russia planned & executed the gunning down of Kharkiv’s mayor Hennadiy Kernes, by shooting him in the back as he rode his bike (the mainstream media said jogging), because he was for a united Ukraine, not a separated Russian eastern Ukraine. The city of Kharkiv, by the way, is in NE Ukraine. The shooting happened earlier today, & doctors don’t know if the mayor will survive his chest wound. While events of the past few days violated an agreement Russia made in Geneva recently to end the crisis in eastern Ukraine, and also send a message of aggression, Russia’s Defense Chief Sergei Shoygu told the Pentagon today in a phone call that Russia will not invade the Ukraine. American observers wonder why large Russian forces appear poised on the border of the Ukraine ready to invade.

As I previously announced was coming up, the Illum. held a high level meeting in Vienna today to discuss the Ukrainian crisis. I was pre-informed yest. & then updated today about the 5 topics for discussion: oil prices, the shooting of Kharkiv’s mayor (early this morning), negotiations between the Ukraine & EU, finding ways to give the media more freedom, and the OSCE hostages taken by pro-Russian masked men. Mr. Van Duyn spoke with both the Pres. of the USA in the Phil. (by phone) & German Chancellor Merkel. Obama then made a public statement that seemed to echo the exact words of Mr. Van Duyn, he said he was seeking to “change his [Putin’s] calculus with respect to how the current actions that he’s engaging in …impact on the Russian economy over the long haul.” Chancellor Merkel is backing a plan for more sanctions, which will be agreed upon the next coming weekend by the EU & US. She noted that Russia violated their recent Geneva agreement. The meeting today simply solidified the decision to “intensify targeted sanctions”, esp. after the hostile actions that Russia has recently taken. The meeting today noted that both Russia & the separatists were given invitations to send representatives to today’s Vienna meeting, but that Russia & their separatists said they no longer want to negotiate. And today the elite in Vienna, in a similar vein, decided not to negotiate with Russia any more until Putin changes his tactics. So we have a standoff with attempts to negotiate ended.

NATO ministers have denounced Russia’s illegal military intervention in Ukraine as well as their violation of Ukrainian sovereignty & territorial integrity. This evening, four British Typhoon jets landed in Lithuania to reinforce NATO air patrols. 6 French Rafale multi-role combat fighters touched down at Malbork Airbase, near the Baltic sea in Poland, to free up Polish Migs for combat patrols. There are already 4 Danish F-16s in Estonia, 12 U.S. F-16s in Poland, & 6 U.S. F-16s in Romania. Other NATO air forces are also planning or beginning to move small air force contingents into the region. In a separate event, but also related to U.S. security concerns about China, today the U.S. signed a 10 yr. defense agreement w/ the Philippines allowing the U.S. military greater access to Phil. bases.

TODAY’S NEW SANCTIONS. The other development was the announcement of more sanctions today. The U.S. sanctioned Igor Sechin (deputy prime minister of Russia, close friend of Putin, & CEO of the large Russia oil firm Rosneft), and Sergei Chemezov (also a leader at Rosneft). So now 54 individuals have been hit w/ travel bans & asset freezes. 17 Russian companies have been sanctioned. Investors are dumping their Russian assets, & Russia’s credit rating has fallen next to “junk”. Tomorrow the EU will announce their list of similar sanctions.

MY COMMENTS. I am not for any side in this but for peace & what is right. When it comes to current affairs, I realize that I have more interest than many people. When the Boston marathon bombings happened, many Americans didn’t even realize it had happened, let alone the false flag aspect of it. Many were uninterested either way. If some of you find an occasional news report like this helpful, let me know on the thread, otherwise I will assume that I have strayed off onto a non-helpful topic unworthy of a post.


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