This post is calling our attention to mysteries & some threads that help us understand American history better. Scholars Berry Fells (“America B.C.”, revsd ed.) & Gloria Farley (“In Plain Sight: Old World Records In Ancient America”) have the blown the veil off of America’s hidden history. They prove that there was extensive contact between Europe & No. America prior to Columbus. Yet many mysteries still remain. Perhaps the more we learn, the more questions we have.

KNIGHTS TEMPLARS. There is no question in my mind that Europe’s bankers, the secret society of the Knights Templars, had an awareness of the New World before Columbus. Info & maps from the Vikings & Chinese explorations were secretly in their hands. In fact, Columbus’ expedition was a Knights Templar expedition. The question is what had they quietly done prior to Columbus’ public expedition?

MYSTERIES FOR THE FIRST SETTLERS. The first English settlers into New England in the 1600’s discovered stone structures that were obviously not buildings built by the natives living there at the time. The Newport Tower at Touro Park, Newport, R.I. has contributed to the controversy. It is thought by some to have been a windmill built by Benedict Arnold’s forefather around 1650, in the same fashion as a windmill at Chesterton, England built around the same time. Others think the structure existed prior to Arnold remodeling it. The Arnold family themselves are a mysterious entity.

MYSTERY OF THE LOST ROANOKE COLONY. One of the mysteries that continues to this day are the mysteries associated w/ the first English attempts to settle the New World which were in North Carolina. The first European settlement in the Carolinas was the Spanish in 1526 near Cape Fear River, which failed. Next came the French in 1562. Their fort, Charlesfort, was soon burned down by the Spanish coming north from Florida. The Spanish built a town & fort over the French site as their new capital for Spanish Florida. They built a string of 6 forts into No. Carolina, but the natives attacked & destroyed them all. Fear of Sir Francis Drake in 1587 (who was attacking the Spanish coast) caused them to abandon their capital Santa Elena & its fort & go back south to Florida. Meanwhile, north of there in what is now No. Carolina, the English had landed a settlement of men at Roanoke in 1584. Drake had gone on lucrative pirating expeditions against the Spanish New World in 1568, 1570, 1571, 1572-3 (under others or under his own leadership). After raiding the Spanish at St. Augustine, FL on 6/6/’86, he picked up the dispirited English settlers at Roanoke & brought them back to England, leaving 15 sailors at their fort. A new group of English settlers (110 men, 17 women, 9 children) came the next year but found the fort burned & abandoned. They rebuilt a fort for their new settlement, but this 2nd batch of Roanoke settlers in turn had disappeared when supply ships returned. Two decades later, the Jamestown colony spent several yrs. researching to discover what exactly happened to the lost Roanoke colony. No single explanation was conclusive.

DARE STONES MYSTERY. Eleanor White Dare (c. 1568-c.1599) had the first English child in the new world, named Virginia Dare, in 1587 at the Roanoke colony. Beginning in 1937 to 1941, a series of 48 carved stones were discovered by numerous people throughout Georgia & North & South Carolina. The stones were found by many different people, and all ended up at Brenau Univ., Gainesville, GA, where they stay today. The stones were short messages in old English from Eleanor to her father who was scheduled to return with the supply ships. They told a story of what had happened to her. A man fearing his tourist site would lose money to the collection of stones, wrote an undocumented negative article supposedly exposing the messages, & they have been basically forgotten since then. Her daughter is not forgotten. What I find intriguing is that her daughter Virginia Dare has become rather famous with many things named after her.

FREEMASONRY. An old masonic encyclopedia, which I have, states that the Sinclair family runs Freemasonry. Gould’s masonic History of Freemasonry, Vol. 2, pg.383 calls them the hereditary Grand Masters of Freemasonry. Various documents describe how the Sinclair family began speculative Freemasonry, first the family controlled the actual craft guilds, & then shifted things to speculative Freemasonry. Why? What was behind this? (You’ll note I write about the Sinclair family in Bloodlines of the Illuminati.)

THE SINCLAIRS OF THE REX DEUS FAMILIES. Reportedly, there were 24 Cohens (high priests) at the Jerusalem Temple at Yahshua’s time. They had been intermarrying according to Biblical law, and continued to intermarry after the Temple was destroyed & they went into hiding. These are the Rex Deus families (their own internal name) who merged into 10 families by the time of the Knights Templars. They have a gnostic Christian view of Jesus, and thru the yrs. have secretly selected a Fisher King as the true heir to the throne of Jerusalem. For instance, the genius William Sinclair, the grandson of Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn (Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland) was selected as a Fisher King. Rosslyn Chapel served as HQ for the Knights Templars, & later was assoc. w/ Masonry & Rosicrucianism, & has ancient pre-Columbian art work depicting plants only growing in No. Amer. These bloodlines were behind the Crusades & the founding of the Knights Templars. Now does it make sense that the Freemasons are so intense to rebuild the Temple? Freemasonry was established so that the teachings & beliefs of the Rex Deus families could be passed down as well as est. in the minds of society’s leaders. You will notice that they switched to Freemasonry after the Knights Templars were being phased out. Knights Templar concepts were integrated into Freemasonry’s Scottish & York rite rituals. The religion of Freemasonry matches the gnostic ideas of these families, something similar to Kabbalism. The New World was viewed by these families as a place to make money & est. institutions of their own to replace the est. ones of Europe.

They attempted their first revolution in 1676 under one of the bloodline Nathaniel Bacon. He issued a Declaration of the People of Virginia. Bacon had financial backers, & moved to advance the freedom of all social classes. The whole rebellion was quite a jumbled complex affair, & it appears that its elite organizers realized how poorly done it had been, because they waited a century to try again. Benjamin Franklin published the first masonic book in the New World in 1734. He was the leader of Freemasonry in the New World, & a key figure in the next rebellion which created the USA.

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