My Christmas message for my face book friends 25 DEC 2012

My Christmas message for my face book friends. While today is not technically the day of Christ’s birth, it is still worthwhile to remember what that birth represented. It was God’s love. And that is the central theme, I believe for today, and that is the greatest gift we can give each other…it is our love, which includes forgiveness and appreciation. We each have this gift within us to give. Financial hardship cannot prevent us from giving this greatest of gifts. You are a treasure and I extend my friendship to you, and also the love that Christ has placed into my heart. When we were immature we focused on the things under the tree, but it is the people in our lives that are the real treasure, and so I give to each of you my love on this day. Take that love and pass it on for the rest of the year. We are not islands unto ourselves…For life is collectively the life of God’s creation of humankind, and the people in our lives are what are so important. Thank you for being in my life.


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