MORE INFO ON THE ILLUM. HIERARCHY: Special focus on a current Illuminati kingpin. Since 1991, when escaping members of the Illuminati hierarchy brought to my attention the Illum. Van Duyn bloodline, I have been exposing it. I notice my first article back then, which was tentative, is still up on the Internet, (albeit without my byline attached). The Internet seems to bestow cyber immortality to some things. Anyway, long ago I moved from being tentative to having confirmed the Van Duyn’s prominence in the Illuminati. I refer readers of this post to my book Bloodlines of the Illuminati (pages 409-434) for background info on the Dutch-Belgium connection as well as the Van Duyn family. The kingpin we will discuss is from Belgium, a center of Illuminati activity. Belgium’s govt.’s stringpullers totally consisted of Satanists, and the govt. almost collapsed when it was exposed in a number of scandals in the late ‘90s. Only the ruthless assassination of about 120 eyewitnesses/whistle-blowers kept the lid on halfway.

This post focuses on the current head of the Illuminati Van Duyn family in Europe, William Cornelis Van Duyn (bn. 1963). It has been popular for the family to name their boys either William (Willen) or Cornelis or both (for instance, William Cornelis Van Duyn, 1693-1769, named his son Cornelius William Van Duyn). The person under discussion also simultaneously uses a totally different name. He operates regularly out of Budapest, Hungary, but is always on the go, having many places to stay. This post will examine 3 areas of activity that the current head is active in (all of which relate to the World Order of course).

CREATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. The father of the current head of the Van Duyn family appointed Paul-Henry Spaak to research & write up a report for the creation of a European common market. Paul-Henry Spaak, in turn also from an elite Illum. family, began working in the Belgium govt. in 1935 as Minister of Transport. Caught in Belgium when the Germans invaded in 1941, he escaped to London, where he was the Belgium Minister of Foreign Affairs, where he oversaw the sale of strategic products from the Belgium Congo, incl. massive amounts of industrial diamonds to both sides of WW 2. After WW 2, Spaak not only played a big role in Belgium’s governments, but was elected chairman of the first session of the U.N. General Assembly in 1945. First, he helped created Benelux, an economic union of Belg., Neth., & Lux. In 1949, he was elected the Pres. of the Consultive Comm. of the Council of Europe. In the early 1950’s, he cont. to be in activities involved in uniting Europe. You would think that after the Nazis, who promoted a united Europe, were defeated, that the idea of a united Europe would be out of fashion. In 1955, Van Duyn’s man Spaak chaired a committee that helped est. the European Economic Community, a forerunner to the European Union. Spaak then shifted to helping run NATO. He was the NATO Sec. Gen. from ’57-’61, and was a major player in getting NATO HQ moved to Brussels in 1966. He received the Charlemagne Award in ’57 for his contribution to European unity. Soon after Spaak got his position in the Belgium govt., Robert Rothschild began working for Spaak in ‘37. Spaak hired him because Spaak’s father & Robert Rothschild’s father were close. The Illum. keep things in the family. Robert Rothschild was in Germany’s elite prison at Colditz Castle, & somehow escaped to London in ‘41. In ’44, Robert Rothschild went to Chungking, China as the first secretary of the Belgium embassy. There he became good friends with Zhou Enlai, a communist Chinese leader w/ Mao. In 1949, he became the Consul Gen. of Belg.’s embassy at Shanghai. A year later he switched to working for NATO. And in 1954, he was back to working for Paul-Henri Spaak. He was w/ Spaak in ’57 in Rome when Spaak said, “I think that we have re-est. the Roman Empire w/out a single shot being fired.” Robert was a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael & St. George.

The influence of Illum. kingpin W.C. Van Duyn can also be seen in the activities of his close friend Viscount Etienne Davignon. Viscount Davignon is a heavy weight for the Illuminati. One of the most important holding companies for the Illum. has been their Societe Generale companies, a holding company for Rothschild & other Illum. wealth. Jacques Ernest Solvoy, of that anc. Illum. bloodline, was director of Brussel’s Societe Generale, & the Viscount Davignon was chairman. Davignon has also been in charge of many of the Illuminati semi-secret front organizations, for instance, chairman of the annual Bilderberg meetings from 1998 to 2001, & president of the Belgium Royal Inst. for International Relations (their equivalent for our CFR). Belgium’s Baron d’Oppuers has been a Bilderberg delegate, for instance in ’73, when Belgium delegates advocated changing people’s attitudes against cars & in favor of public transportation. Baron Edmund de Rothschild of France often attended. We are talking about people in close proximity to each other. The Viscount also sits on some of the elite’s think tanks: Itinera Institute & Friends of Europe, the latter of which he is Pres. He was given the honorary title Minister of State which allows him to sit on the Belgium Crown Council.

The final snippet on Van Duyn will concern his current activity, which is the Illuminati’s control over the electrical production of Russia’s nuke plants that is supplying part of Europe’s energy needs. This is why he has been in Budapest, Hungary. Somehow the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who was against Hungary becoming dependent on Russian gas & electricity, was induced to do a reverse face & be enthusiastic for something he was strongly against. Not surprising, the EU gave Hungary approval to make a nuclear contract with Russia. A spokesperson for the Hungarian Inst. of Intern. Affairs (their equivalent of our CFR) said, “There was no indication at all before Orban assumed power that the policies would be anything but staunchly anti-Russian. Suddenly, the big enemy is the best business partner. It’s a 180-degree turnaround.” Haven’t we seen this before? Reagan is elected as a conservative; Bush is elected as a “conservative” Christian, etc. The elite calm the masses’ fears by bringing in someone whom masses think is one way, & then using that person to go the direction they need. The Russians will now build two new reactors 71 miles south of Budapest. The cheap electricity from Russian reactors allows General Motors, Suzuki Motor Corp., Audi, & Volkswagen to produce cars cheaply in Hungary. The Illuminati have been working to make all countries economically interdependent as well as in debt to them. While all the details on this are not known, certainly it appears that Van Duyn succeeded in keeping Illuminati control over the nuclear plants/electrical production in eastern Europe, which is no surprise considering all the economic tools at their disposal.


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