This is a continuation of my reports on how doctors (holistic, anti-cancer types, who are aware of how to help us) are being murdered. As I have stated in the past, the PTSNB are trying to push their genocidal agenda (see previous posts) & some of the murdered doctors were obviously standing in the way. As most of you have witnessed, the health care system continues to become more authoritarian, and all your medical activities are tracked on computer & can be accessed. The Health Care System no longer has our best interests at heart. These doctors appear to have posed a threat to their agenda…

Dr. MARK ERNSTING. A well-known Canadian cancer researcher, 39 yrs. old, was doing his daily walk in his neighborhood, which is typically very safe, well-lit & well patrolled, when he was randomly murdered. Dr. Ernsting described his cancer research as “novel”.

Dr. CHRISTOPHER DAVID ROBERT, this well-known doctor of St. Paul, Minn., 50 yrs. old, was walking home from a party for doctors & hospital staff, and never made it. He was found dead along the road and no cause of death has been released.

Dr. JAMIE ZIMMERMAN, a famous holistic doctor/author died in Oct. alone while vacationing in Hawaii. Her head had been hit, and one theory is she slipped & killed herself. On previous trips, she had travelled to third world countries to help them medically. She died just prior to her plans to work with MD Deepak Chopra.

Our sympathy goes out to all their loved ones, who are having to deal with these unexpected deaths.



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