This post will provide the good news from a private meeting between Monsanto leaders & the Illuminati leadership. The meeting was held at Kokkedal Castle where the Steering Committee is staying. If you are interested in GMOs, then you will want to read this post. The problem with GMOs is not completely solved, but the results of the meeting will clearly downsize the problem. The results of this meeting will affect all of our lives. Monsanto will cont. experiments with soldiers.

PARTICIPANTS: Hugh Grant, CEO Monsanto; Michael J. Frank, Vice Pres., International Row Crops & Vegetables; Kerry J. Preete, Monsanto Global Strategy; and the 3 Illuminati leaders: William Van Duyn, David de Merode, & Christine Lagarde (chief IMF).

TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: Is Monsanto cruel? What role does the consumer play? Is the consumer the saint or the sinner? What anxiety exists concerning food & technology?

-Partnership with the environmental group Union of Concerned Scientists, Monsanto is offering its innovations for the charitable foundations of Bill Gates & Howard Buffett (the son of Warren Buffett) the UN’s World Food Program as well as US Agency for International Development.
-Mr. Grant is heartened by the idea to increase the number of small farmers who are willing to work on the new organic agriculture technology. The Bilderberg will lobby for funding aid.
-Monsanto agrees to cut down the GMO’s. Monsanto also recently announced a partnership to develop & cultivate naturally occurring microorganisms to enhance plant growth.
-Monsanto will close their scientific laboratories in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech republic, Ukraine till 2020. 
-Monsanto will cut down the numbers of GMO farms in the U.S. from 17 Million to 9 Million ‘til 2030. The farmers will be compensated with the new technology delivered by Monsanto. The company is applying a non-GMO form of biotechnology called marker assisted breeding (MAB) to develop new plant varieties.
– Pharmaceutical industry continues to use the GMO modified seeds ‘til 2030 due to the length of the licensing of their drugs & to decrease the cost of fabrication.
– Monsanto continues to team up with U.S. Military for industrial researches and experiments on soldiers.

COMMENTS DURING THE DISCUSSION. [I am going to share some of Hugh Grants’ comments. Grant as you remember is the CEO of Monsanto. I realize it is difficult for those on the front lines to think anything positive about Monsanto. Many feel they have been stonewalled by companies like Monsanto. Some of you may be offended by his comments, but try to read non-defensively and if the shoe fits, then wear it. At the very least you will begin to see how those in leadership may view the consumer. First, take a deep breath dear reader!]
GRANT’S COMMENTS DURING THE DISCUSSION, “Consumers in the Western World , are overweight & sick, especially here in the U.S. They remind me of Jabba the Hutt. [The obese slug-like alien of Star Wars, see pic in thread.] You see them masticating fat food, and drinking sodas all day long. They make a pig of themselves. Diseases are exploding, like diabetes, cardio vascular problems, obesity from young age on due to their supportive laziness. The American population is ugly, fat and they want more cheap food. Then they become depressed or diabetic & they need drugs. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry needs millions of tons seeds for the fabrication of those drugs, like insulin, & an additional few million tons to supply the food industry.”

MR. VAN DUYN’S TOAST FOR THE 60 YR. ANNIVERSARY. Mr. Van Duyn was kind enough to share the speech he gave to a relaxed group of Bilderbergers to toast the 60th anniversary of the Bilderberg Mtgs. The text of his relaxed speech is posted on my blog at .

READER REACTIONS. Dear friends, I am all for resolving our differences with Monsanto. You are welcome to share constructive thoughts on the thread. Please be polite, don’t mock, & do say how you feel and what solutions you’d like. Be specific when you complain.
Be blessed my friend. More later.


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