Money & Power motivates Congressmen, not what is best for America, or ideals, or the Constitution 28 JUL 2013

Money & Power motivates Congressmen, not what is best for America, or ideals, or the Constitution. Americans need to quit thinking that their so-called elected officials will save them!!! Wake up America!!! Our Constitutional Rights are the soul of this nation; to sell our freedoms away shows me these Congressmen would sell their own mother if the price were right. In fact, every time they sell our rights away they have sold our children into slavery. A recent vote (last Weds.) in the House trying to stop the NSA from continuing their phone spying on Americans lost 217 to 205. Interestingly, it was blatantly obvious who would vote to cont. the NSA spying: the Representatives of both parties who received large donations from the military-intelligence complex voted to continue the spying. The pro-spying voters averaged $41,635 in donations the last 2 years, while the ones who voted against the spying averaged only $18,765. These figures were calculated by MapLight using financial data from OpenSecrets. They also calculated that all total the House Representatives received $12.97 million in donations these last two years from the Military-Intelligence complex.
None of this surprises most of us. Clear back in 1939, Jimmy Stewart portrayed an honest Congressman surrounded by shameless Congressional snakes in the movie “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”. The stories of corruption have leaked out my entire life, but somehow these political prostitutes cont. being tolerated, even venerated. I cont. hearing Americans putting faith in Congress. Nor do I think most Americans have much idea how much power a Senator has. Many of them stay in power after they get elected. Presidents come & go, but senators remain. They have lots of power & staff, but little interest in helping America & Americans.
The specifics of the bill being voted on were this: First came info from NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the NSA phone-metadata spying. Then there was a leaked copy of a top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion requiring Verizon Business to provide NSA info. Then Republican Representative Justin Amash from MI, who only averaged $700/yr. in donations from the Military-Intelligence complex, made the Amash amendment to the $600 billion Dept. of Defense Appropriations Bill, which would have ended the authority for the NSA to do such spying. Then the vote came, and it was obvious that those who like the military-intelligence community (and get lots of donations from them!) voted for the spies & against our freedoms. This goes back to a recent post I made about Intelligence slush funds. The common American voter stands no chance against the buying power of the military-intelligence complex.


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